James' Fiber Optic Musical Tree

James Chau, one of our Account Managers, created a musical fiber optic Christmas tree using a red, green and blue SPOTMOD® LED Module and the Apollo DMX Color Controller. The lights in the tree blink on and off corresponding to the notes of holiday music.

His inspiration came from a client's project. He was developing a rough prototype of the lighting for the project that he planned to present to his client, when it struck him that he could make it holiday themed. James gathered three fiber optic bundles, each lit by one of the three SPOTMOD Modules. This was housed in a painted Tupperware decorated with Christmas stickers which contained a regular computer fan to cool off the lights which can get warm in enclosed spaces.

James' customized the light show to be timed with his girlfriend's favorite Christmas song, Ukranian Bell Carol.  She helped him out by breaking down the song into notes, and choosing a color combination for the lights that correspond to the music. They came up with the following sequences to program the Apollo:

Key of A = Red
Key of B = Green
Key of C = Blue
Key of D = Red+Green
Key of E = Red+Blue
Key of F = Green+Blue
Key of G = Red+Green+Blue

To learn how to create your own musical fiber optic creation, follow the Fiber Optic Musical Christmas Tree step-by-step Instructable.

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