If Walls Could Talk...

LED WallpaperIf walls could talk, the ones covered in LED wallpaper would have a lot of interesting things to say. No disrespect to all of those ordinary walls out there, but this new product, created by graphic designer Jonas Samson, can turn a regular wall into a dynamic, beautiful and functional cutting-edge art piece. Not only does the light emitted from the wallpaper help to create soft, a ambient glow in any room, it also can shift and change shape as it moves across the surface of the wall, similar to the way a screen saver image moves across a computer monitor.

You might be wondering: How is the seemingly bulky technology required to power light images capable of fitting into the singular dimensions of wallpaper? Such streamlined engineering wouldn't be possible without lightweight, energy-efficient, tiny LEDs. It works like this: the wallpaper is made of three different layers that work together to create the lighting experience. One layer conducts electricity, another layer transfers the electricity to the LEDs themselves, which reside in the third layer. Finally, those three layers are coated with ordinary wall paper, which allows the product to be placed on any wall in any home or business.

And, just wait! There's more exciting news in the world of LED wallpaper. New inroads are being made in the OLED (Organic LED) market by General Electric, which has come out with a way to print OLEDs onto very thin surfaces like wallpaper. Typically, novelty LED items top out at 15 lumens per watt, but OLEDs are even brighter while maintaining efficiency; they can achieve a brightness of 30 lumens per watt. General Electric has reportedly set the goal of getting OLEDs to 100 lumens per watt in the near future.

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