How to Build an LED Light Kit

Assembling your own LED light kit is not hard, there are just a few steps to go through. We sell LED kits as easy-to-install packages that include everything needed for a custom LED installation. What goes into a kit? Every kit includes a light fixture, a power source, and usually a connector to hook the light up to power. In the case of RGB lights, a kit always includes a color controller. The tables below show the order of connection from left to right. After you select a light, the next step is to calculate how much power it requires. Just multiply the number of feet or fixtures by the wattage. The extension cables below connect between strip sections or light bars. DC connectors are all interchangeable with each other.


Flexible LED Strip Light Kits
Every strip light kit includes a light fixture, a power source, and a connector to hook up the light to the power source. Since our non-waterproof single color strip lights are cuttable, you can use extension cables and splitters to create a custom installation with several strip sections that are powered by the same adapter. The Flexible Strip Light DC Plug Connector comes in two sizes, one for Brighter strips, and one for all other strips, but the DC plug is the same for both.

how to assemble an LED strip light kit


LED Light Bar and Waterproof LED Strip Kits
Whether they are waterproof or not, all of our LED light bars (and single color waterproof strip lights) feature the same connector, called a waterproof plug. Light bars can be chained together directly, or separated by Waterproof Extension Cables, which come in many sizes.

how to assemble a waterproof led strip light kit


RGB LED Strip Light and Light Bar Kits
In the case of RGB lights, a kit always includes a color controller. The RGB Light Bar Extension Cable has light bar connectors which can be cut off to create a bare-wire extension between strip sections or between a strip or bar and the color controller. On Waterproof RGB Strip Light, just shave off the silicone over a connection point to connect an EZ Connector or to solder bare wires to the strip.



This sample kit shows what components you might use for an under cabinet kitchen lighting installation, shown in order of connection. A common kitchen design feature upper cabinets on either side of the sink, so this kit includes a Waterproof Extension Cable to create a gap between light bars. The sizes and bar types are mix and match, so that most of the lights are standard brightness, while the one above the food preparation area is brighter.


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