Highlighting Your Objects and Spaces with LED Modules

LED module lights get a lot less press than LED tape and strip light, bulbs, and under cabinet lights, but their design and flexibility make them incredibly useful for certain projects. LED Modules have a compact form, so they can fit into tight, narrow spaces. They are often sold in multi-unit strands where all the modules are on one power source, so they turn corners with ease, they can be placed at precise locations and intervals, and at varying densities to suit the application. Modules strings can even go on curved and twisting surfaces. They work especially well for:

  • Display cases and cabinets
  • Retail display and backlit acrylic lighting
  • Pathways, decks and patio
  • Interior/exterior box letters
  • Light boxes and channel signage


The PURALIGHT LED Module Light Series


The PURALIGHTâ„¢ LED Module Light Series is one example of a module family that is made to adapt to the unique needs of a lighting application. The PURALIGHT Series includes six models with a range of chips, housing shapes, and light colors for any exterior and interior installation. They feature ultra bright LED chips that deliver superior brightness and either a consistent Daylight White color temperature, or color-changing RGB light. PURALIGHTs also feature a waterproof, durable PVC housing and 3M pressure-sensitive tape backing that sticks strongly to wood, metal, paper, and most plastics.


Visit the PURALIGHT LED Module Light category to see the range of features and to see how these little lights can run circles around fluorescent lights and even some other LED lights.

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