Gorgeous Nails at Home: DIY UV Manicure Light

Here's a great mother's day gift idea everyone! I don’t care if you’re GI Jane, Jennifer Lopez, or Marilyn Manson, sometimes you just need to get your nails did. But in this economy, it can be tough to justify spending any amount of money on manicures and pedicures. Thankfully, it turns out that with the right tools, you can get salon results in your own home. Sure, you may not enjoy an hour in a massage chair or perusing shelves upon shelves of trashy magazines, but you can rest assured you’ll come away with nails to match your still-full pocketbook. Here’s how:

One thing that makes salon manicures and pedicures so shiny and long lasting are the UV lights used at the end of the process to dry the nails. Low and brief exposure to UV lights helps most nail polishes (including traditional, shellac and gel) to dry quickly, emit unmistakable luster, and harden against chips and damage. With Elemental LED’s Flexible Ultraviolet LED Strip light, you can create your own nail drying station at home in a few easy steps. Under a cabinet in your bathroom might be a good location. Simply affix UV strip to the underside of a cabinet and connect it to a wall outlet using the strip light DC plug connector and 12V adapter. Or if you want to make a portable nail drying station, you can attach your strip light to a length of sanded and painted wood.

Remember the basics of achieving a beautiful manicure. Soak, massage and lotion your hands and nails before trimming, filing and buffing them. Then apply a base coat of clear polish, two coats of colored polish and a top coat to protect and harden the colored polish. Finally, let your nails dry for a few minutes underneath the UV light and you’ll have salon-quality nails without breaking the bank!

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