Gorgeous Glowing Sculpture!

I hate to rub it in, but I had a fantastic Valentine's Day weekend. I know it's easy to hate Valentine's day, seeing how it's a Hallmark holiday and all that, but it's also easy to love it--what's not to like about chocolate and kissing, two major V-day cornerstones? This year was great because my honey came to visit me, and we got to participate in LA's biggest V-day event, Lucent L'amour. Besides the great music lineup, there was also some truly awe-inspiring art at this event, some of which incorporated full color LED lights!

Take a look, for instance at the illuminated sculpture by Sean Sobczak, also called "Sandman Creations." Several of these brilliant and beautiful pieces were arranged just inside the entrance to the indoor venue at Lucent L'amour, and they were breathtaking! The light embedded within each sculpture created lines and shadows that seemed to undulate as if the sculptures really were the underwater creatures they were made to represent. As you can imagine, without LED technology, sculptures like these would not be possible. What other type of light fixture can you bend and twist and manipulate to get any shape imaginable? What other light fixtures provide such a mesmerizing and limitless color scheme? What other form of lighting stays cool enough to handle for hours, no matter what the creative process throws at you?

While we here at Elemental don't sell any of the "el wire" that Sean uses in his sculptures, we do have tons of flexible RGB LED strip lighting in a full array of colors. So if you're itching to make your own illuminated sculpture, you know just where to go to make it happen! In fact, what a great idea for next year's Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie! Nothing says "I love you" like something you made yourself!

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