Vanessa's Bistro

The Walnut Creek, California eatery Vanessa's Bistro added a splash of color to its cocktail bar. The centerpiece of the installation is the newest member of our DMX lighting product portfolio: the DMX WiFi Wall Mount Zone LED Controller. This DMX controller is a software-free solution for DMX applications, straight out of the box. It comes complete with 10 preset modes, a color picker for RGB lighting, white light control, and management of up to 4 independent zones of lighting. Many DMX controllers on the market require complicated and time-consuming software that is geared more to professional lighting designers, but this is not one of them.


Vanessa’s Bistro used color-changing DAZZLE Wed Location LED tape light, a high output LED so powerful that it catches the eyes of customers yet is dimmable for when the mood is mellow.


The DMX Wall Mount Zone Controller is a cost effective and a user-friendly solution to home and commercial lighting automation. Not only is it an intuitive and attractive wall mounted controller, it can also be Wi-Fi controlled through Android and IOS mobile devices.

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