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“I have an Account Manager that understands me and my business. There’s nothing more valuable than that.”

Bob Halper, LC, IESNA
Halper Lighting Solutions
Chagrin, OH


Goal: Utilize the flexibility of LED technology to light the custom molds and designs of the company’s lighting fixtures, which often include tight spaces that were previously impossible to light with traditional sources.

Challenge: Find an LED vendor that offers consistent quality, availability and Class 2 compliance across a comprehensive product line, so that all installations run smoothly and pass code inspection.

Result: By working with Elemental LED, Halper has found LED lighting solutions for all its creations, no matter the shape or size. It has kept all its installations on schedule and Class 2 compliant. The UL-listed LED products, power supplies and installation accessories from Elemental LED consistently meet or surpass the company’s needs for quality and availability.

Elemental LED Value: Elemental LED’s knowledgeable technical support team and dedicated Account Management has allowed Halper Lighting Solutions to discover new and innovative ways to light the company’s complex custom fixtures.


Creating custom lighting fixtures requires finding a lighting source that fits into a specific mold and design. Halogen, fluorescent and metal halide lights are not adaptable to the small areas and tight spaces that are often part of contemporary lighting designs. Thus, utilizing the fast growing field of LED technology is essential in order to fit lighting into the spaces that were previously impossible to light.

Bob Halper specializes in creating custom fixtures in large commercial spaces. “I hate sales,” he said, “I won’t push anything they don’t want.” Instead, he approaches his clients with an empty blueprint asking them, “What are your lighting needs?” Using LED lighting in his designs is essential for Halper, since it can adapt to whatever shape or size fixture he and his client dreams up.

The challenge for Halper was finding an LED lighting supplier that offered a consistent high-quality product line. He was looking for a supplier that was on top of the industry’s continual changes and improvements in design and functionality. Halper tried several LED suppliers that did not meet his standards. Some vendors staffed their phone lines with representatives that could not answer his questions about the products they offered, some sold products that were inconsistent in terms of availability and features from one batch to the next, and many sold products that were not Class 2 compliant.

“I ordered connectors from one vendor that had exposed solder points on the contacts. That just can’t happen; it’s not safe and won’t pass code,” said Halper.

The lighting installations Halper creates are required to pass the Class 2 electrical code inspection for low-voltage lighting. Therefore, he needed to find a vendor that offered a full line of Class 2 compliant products, from UL listed lights to housing, wires and power supplies.


Halper happened upon Elemental LED while following a link from another website. He was immediately impressed by the extensive catalog of LED products and called the customer support line to find out more about the LED strip lighting products. He was again impressed by the representative’s high level of LED expertise, and with each follow up order, he found that everyone he talked to shared that expertise level. “Everyone at Elemental LED, no matter who you talk, knows their product,” Halper said.

Halper found that the quality of product he received was better than any of the other suppliers he had worked with, including the light output, the beam angles, the adhesive backings, and the connections. When he received an order that had loose covers on the connectors, he called his dedicated Account Manager, Mike, who replaced it immediately. Later, Mike followed up with Halper notifying him that the company investigated the issue, found the problem in the latest batch of products and fixed it permanently. “I can’t say I have ever had that kind of impact with any of my other suppliers,” said Halper.

At Elemental LED, Halper also found a complete product line that was UL-listed and Class 2 compliant. The power supplies allowed him to stay under the required 60 watts of output. The in-wall rated wire, the securely-sealed connections and the housing on all the accessories allowed Halper to create compliant installations where the parts stayed cool and hidden from view, behind or inside a variety of different materials.

Halper noted that his Account Manager, Mike, often answers his questions and meets his needs without him needing to ask. Mike has introduced Halper to several new products that he would not have considered before, including strip light aluminum channels and wall washers. In addition, he notifies him when products he might be interested in go on sale so he can take advantage of it.

As a business owner who values solutions over sales, Halper has found a partner in the lighting business. “I have an Account Manager that understands me and my business,” he said, “There’s nothing more valuable than that.”

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