Elemental LED Donates to the Hearst Museum of Anthropology

Though the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids by candlelight, you can now view a collection of this fascinating civilization's artifacts under the warm glow of Elemental LED lights. We're proud to announce our status as a "Supporting Sponsor" to the Hearst Museum of Anthropology in Berkeley, CA. The museum houses the oldest and largest anthropological collection in the Western U.S. (3.8 million objects!),  and recently added a set of ancient Egyptian antiques to its repertoire. "The Conservator’s Art: Preserving Egypt’s Past," as it's being called, is set to open in April 29th, 2010, and will display Egyptian Antiquities that have not before been viewed by the public. As it turns out, ancient artifacts require specific lighting for optimum preservation, and our flexible LED of low output natural white light is just what the Pharaoh ordered. We donated 10 feet of this product to the museum, along with the corresponding adapter, which will be used to light display cases from within. Here's what the museum had to say about the benefits of using our flexible LED lights for this purpose: " Your low output flexible LED strip in Natural white is a perfect fit for this Ancient Egyptian exhibition. We are focusing on a lab environment and many of our display cases are lit from within.    The availability of your lower output light is perfect for light sensitive artifacts.  Also its ease of use and flexible characteristics make it a wonderful product for museum use and assists us with creating dynamic exhibitions without compromising the archival stable environment required for conservation of our collection."

We couldn't say it better ourselves! So if you're in the area this spring, be sure to pay a visit to the museum; you'll get to see some of the world's oldest and most fascinating artifacts in, well, their best light. For more information, visit the Hearst Museum of Anthropology's website.

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