Elemental LED DIY - Q4 Team Competition


unnamedElemental LED regularly holds DIY competitions among the employees to show off all of the ways LEDs can by used. This competition introduced the team effort. Everyone who entered was put into teams of 3-4 and coordinated their creative and technical efforts. With a cash prize on the line, we had quite the turn-out.

Projects required to feature one of the following...

• Moving Part

• The Color Green

• Hanging





Team Grenache - 1st Place

Wes B.
Christina T.

Team Awesome - 2nd Place

Jeff K.
Bret R.
M K.
team-granache team-awesome

Team J.A.M - 3rd Place

Juan C.
Aaron W.
Michael G.

Team In & Out

Preet K.
Ryan C.
Robert F.
team-jam team-in-and-out

 Team 3PAK

Andrea H.
Kris H.
Jose S.

Team... The...Somethings

Mike A.
Caye P.
Alix H.
team-3pak team-the-something

Exhibition Team

Brian A.
Russell P.




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