Electric Daisy Carnival Alights in LED Art

Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the country’s biggest electronic music festivals; this year’s shindig is taking place in Las Vegas from June 8—10. Back in the day, EDC was considered to be a full-on rave, but nobody really says “rave” anymore, for fear of conjuring images of drugged-out 16-year-olds and way too many glow sticks. That being said, this weekend’s EDC participants will be hard pressed to avoid many rave reminders, but they will find some surprises that place the event a notch or two above your typical techno –filled experience. One thing that sets this festival apart is the art lineup, along with the interactivity and immersive quality of the festival grounds.

Solitary Inflorescence, the giant, kinetic DMX LED illuminated orchid, will make another appearance, just weeks after wowing crowds at Coachella 2012. Rumor has it that several larger-than-life botanical sculptures lit with RGB LED lights will be present, though official details are being kept under wraps until the festival begins on Friday.

Festival-goers will be able to ride a giant Ferris wheel adorned with RGB LED strip lighting, along with other carnival rides, free of charge. And to provide respite from the stifling heat, concert-goers can relax in many cooling lounges sprinkled throughout the grounds. “From the lounge-like Cooling Zones to the posh VIP decks, every corner of EDC is designed with unparalleled attention to detail. Floating chandeliers illuminate the plush VIP tables and state-of-the-art LED paneling, lasers and pyrotechnics bring each unique stage design to life. This year, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is going to be transformed in ways we’ve never imagined,” says the EDC website.

I’m not going this year, but I can’t wait to hear stories and see pictures from those who do. Have fun and be safe, ya’ll!

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