Ecology Center Hosts Eco Poetry At The Berkeley Public Library

ecopoetry1An eco-poetry event hosted by the Ecology Center will be held at the Berkeley Public Library on Saturday June 23rd.

Eco-poetry.  What is that?  Well, it is a way for poets to express their thoughts on the natural order of things, human’s interaction with nature and, of course, ecology.  Eco-poetry is just the name of the content of poetry being expressed.

So if you like nature, are interested in poetry and want to listen to a reading from local poets, this would be an ideal event for you to attend.

Adam David Miller, author of four books of prize-winning poetry and more recently a notable memoir, Ticket to Exile, will headline the program, along with Kim Shuck, author of the Smuggling Cherokee collection and winner of numerous writing awards including the Native Writers of the Americas First Book Award, and the Mary Tall Mountain Award.

Event Details:

Time - 2pm

Location - Berkeley Public Library, Main Branch, 2090 Kittredge at Shattuck, Berkeley

Cost - Free

Info - 510-981-6150,

For those of you who want to get a taste of eco-poetry before going to the event, check out the works of poetry stated above or read my attempt at eco-poetry below:

Original Piece By Michael Gutman:

Trees, bees, fleas & knees are all part of natures’ design.

Plastics, caskets, & picnic baskets are extensions of human kind.

But if humans are natural and their inventions are, too, how can we separate plastics from morning dew?

And how can we label unnatural to all things that we do, Since there is nothing unnatural to find?


There!  There is my eco-poem.  Hope you liked it.   Thanks to for the photos.

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