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Did you know that you can choose the color of white light? Learn more about LEDs, their benefits, and meanings behind terms like CRI here.

Lighting News

  • New Study Finds That Blue LEDs Heal Wounds

    A study published in the scientific journal Injury found that blue LEDs (with a wavelength of 470nm) could also heal wounds. Researchers found that when light from blue LEDs was applied to a wounded rat for five consecutive days for 10 minutes at a time, wound size was “significantly decreased....

  • The Health Benefits of LED Lighting

    Research shows that LED lights exhibit characteristics that are better for overall health and safety than those of fluorescent, incandescent and halogen fixtures. It turns out that LED lighting is not only easier on your wallet and better for the planet; it’s also healthier. When considering gene

  • The Use of Blue LEDs in Skin Care

    "Blue Light Acne Therapy,"  or "photodynamic therapy" as it's called, uses LED bulbs that emit light at a specific wavelength (415 nm) to kill the bacteria that cause acne to start and to persist and spread. Unlike a lot of other acne treatments, LED-based therapy is natural, painless and safe, ...

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