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Did you know that you can choose the color of white light? Learn more about LEDs, their benefits, and meanings behind terms like CRI here.

Lighting News

  • LED Lighting Creates Smarter Buildings, More Efficient Companies

    We all know that LED lighting is energy efficient, and that using it will most likely create a number of positive changes for any business or home. It turns out that that data centers are no exception and that, in fact, they are one of the facilities that can benefit most from making the switch...

  • The Future of LEDs: Health Benefits and Beyond

    When we talk about LED lights, we most often tout their energy saving benefits—they’re the most eco-friendly, energy efficient lighting option on the market, after all. But Fred Maxik, a founder of the Lighting Science Group, which specializes in LED bulbs, is hoping to show that LED light ...

  • Hybrid Capacitors Can Create Longer-Lasting LED Lights

    LED light fixtures are known for their energy efficiency and long lifespan. Now, thanks to some smart product developers, LED lights might last even longer. Harvy Wilkinson, VP of marketing and product development at Ioxus, Inc. has become a big proponent of the company’s hybrid capacitor, wh...

  • Versatility from Portability

    Enjoy Versatility and Adaptability with LED Power Supplies As with most conventional lighting, the majority of LED lighting installed in the home, store, or place of business should probably be hardwired into the current electrical system. But there are a number of situations where it ...

  • What does LED stand for?

    What does LED stand for: Light Emitting Diode LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs began as exciting but expensive electronic components in the sixties, used in handheld calculators and other similar devices. Through research and development, LED technology advanced, became more efficient an...

  • The Evolution of LED Dimming

    Dimmable LED lighting, which includes dimmable LED power supplies, switches and lights, combines the best of modern  lighting technology with the high-quality features of LEDs. It offers more opportunities to light homes, offices, and commercial spaces precisely while cutting energy consumption....

  • The Benefits of LEDs for Sign Lighting

    Benefits of LED Sign Lights Beyond the Basics A store owner or manager’s main responsibility is to attract people to the place of business and successfully encourage them to purchase a product, whether it includes goods, services, or some combination therein. There are countless strate...

  • The Use of Blue LEDs in Skin Care

    "Blue Light Acne Therapy,"  or "photodynamic therapy" as it's called, uses LED bulbs that emit light at a specific wavelength (415 nm) to kill the bacteria that cause acne to start and to persist and spread. Unlike a lot of other acne treatments, LED-based therapy is natural, painless and safe, ...

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