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Did you know that you can choose the color of white light? Learn more about LEDs, their benefits, and meanings behind terms like CRI here.

Lighting News

  • Energy-Saving Tactics: LED Lights Can Help

    Droughts, heat waves, fires and food shortages: these are just some of the hazards facing our nation and the rest of the world in recent months. Now, more than ever, it’s important to live sustainably, cutting back on everything from water to electricity. Besides low crop yields, droughts and...

  • LED Lighting Creates Smarter Buildings, More Efficient Companies

    We all know that LED lighting is energy efficient, and that using it will most likely create a number of positive changes for any business or home. It turns out that that data centers are no exception and that, in fact, they are one of the facilities that can benefit most from making the switch...

  • Using LED Display Lighting to Influence Customers

    Improve Sales Turnover for Less with LED Display Lighting A whitepaper sponsored by Phillips examined how full spectrum display lighting positively affects consumer behavior. The major finding of the paper was other things being equal, stores that feature full-spectrum, color-changing ligh...

  • What does LED stand for?

    What does LED stand for: Light Emitting Diode LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs began as exciting but expensive electronic components in the sixties, used in handheld calculators and other similar devices. Through research and development, LED technology advanced, became more efficient an...

  • The Benefits of LEDs for Sign Lighting

    Benefits of LED Sign Lights Beyond the Basics A store owner or manager’s main responsibility is to attract people to the place of business and successfully encourage them to purchase a product, whether it includes goods, services, or some combination therein. There are countless strate...

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