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Looking to figure out what type of LED product is going to best for your project, take a look at what others have chosen and why.

Installation Tips

  • Retail Display Lighting Solutions: EQUIFLUX and AVENUE 24

    Retail and display lighting requires fixtures with forms factors that integrate into new designs and pre-existing frameworks, and which deliver a higher-than-average light quality. Elemental LED offers two solutions in particular that work very well for display and retail lighting. The ...

  • An Economical Way to Protect LED Tape Light: TAPEGUARD

    Pictured: the Frosted model of TAPEGUARD LED Tape Light Cover LED Tape Light offers features that are hard to find in other lighting: compactness, a low, narrow profile, the ability to cut and bend it, and a flexibility that allows it to fit into a custom installation. But because it’s not...

  • Installing Under Cabinet Lighting

    There are a lot of under cabinet lighting products out there, and the variety of features and forms can be bewildering. Not all lights are perfect for every under cabinet application, but each offers features to fit the décor, layout and existing furnishings of a room. When you’re preparing ...

  • Recessed LED Lighting: Product and Installation Ideas

    When you’re shopping for LED recessed lighting for cabinets, shelves or accent lighting, you have several options. The form factor and lighting features of each recessed lighting product lends itself to the unique needs of different applications. The compact design of recessed LED lighting me...

  • Thomas's LED Puck Light Kitchen Installation

    Our customer Thomas from Surrey, British Columbia shared some gorgeous photos of an installation in his kitchen using our Cree LED Puck Lights. After unsuccessfully trying out LED pucks from some other LED retailers, he found the color and brightness of our Cree LED Pucks to be a perfect match...

  • How to Achieve Maximum LED Display Light Effectiveness

    Learn the Fundamentals of Putting LED Display Lights to Work Display LED lights are effective tools to create attractive shop window displays and to light display cases, while saving money on lighting costs and decreasing carbon emissions. Whether you are setting up your shop’s first d...

  • Liven Displays and Display Cases with LED Accessories and Lights

    LED lighting products are very well suited to light up your business’s front window display or item display case. They create attractive lighting, come in housing options that range from easily disguised to visually attractive, and cost less to power than any other lighting option. Using the...

  • Color Changing LED Lights Can Liven up an Exterior

    Color changing LED lights have some established uses, such as in bars and restaurants, as accent lighting for art, or as part of an art installation themselves. But for the rest of us who would like to find a way to incorporate color changing RGB lighting into our homes, the options are somewhat ...

  • Revamp the Kitchen for Less with LED Kitchen Lights

    With the amount of time people spend in the kitchen, and the effect that well-designed lighting can have on how much people enjoy their kitchens, LED kitchen lighting is uniquely positioned to dramatically improve kitchens, and with them people’s homes. The right LED kitchen light can help ov...

  • Unique Restaurant Lighting Ideas with LEDs

    Commercial LED lighting offers several benefits including a reduction in energy consumption and related costs, durable construction, and long performance life. While there are numerous possibilities for incorporating LED restaurant lighting into your business, here are a few ideas to get you started

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