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  • Color-Changing Wall Washer Installation and Programming

    How to install, create waterproof connections between, and program Color-Changing LED Wall Washers using DMX addressing.

  • How to Create a Large LED Light Installation

    For safety reasons and because of the nature of LED light fixture design, LED Strip Lights, Light Bars, and Module Light strings have recommended limitations for the length of run. But it’s relatively easy to make a safe but effective large LED installation by keeping in mind the tips in this guid

  • How to Build an LED Light Kit

    Assembling your own LED light kit is not hard, there are just a few steps to go through. We sell LED kits as easy-to-install packages that include everything needed for a custom LED installation. What goes into a kit? Every kit includes a light fixture, a power source, and usually a connector to ...

  • How to Connect a Light Bar or a Waterproof Strip to a Power Source

    Instructions on how to connect all of our light bars and our waterproof strips--which all feature the same connector--to a power source. And a look at some of the connectors that work with our bars and waterproof strips.

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