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Elemental LED has a quarterly DIY competition that offers a variant look into who we are and how we think. We get excited about sharing our creativity and expressing our individuality. Check out some of our most exciting creations!

Employee Culture

  • Give Thanks for LEDs!

    As I'm enjoying my tryptophan haze on the couch (that's the stuff in turkey that makes you feel sleepy and happy), I thought I'd take a minute to give thanks for LEDs, because they really do make our world a better place. I mean if you think about it, we humans require a lot of light, and thanks ...

  • Happy Holi-LEDs!

    It's happened. It’s that time of year again and there’s nothing you can do about it. The Holidays are indeed upon us. And while that may leave you feeling nostalgic, nauseated or a little of both, at the very least you can know that this year, you can go greener than a Christmas tree by using...

  • Maybe it's Maybelline, Maybe it's LEDs?

    Halloween has already come and gone, but I just found out about a little accessory that will make you wish the costume-centric holiday was here all over again: LED eyelashes. Yes, folks, that's right. Someone has figured out how to affix tiny LED bulbs onto human eyelashes, creating a futuristi...

  • Here Comes the (LED) Bride...

    Okay, I admit it. I've got weddings on the brain. A certain member of my family is getting married in the near future and much of my free time is consumed with helping her plan for the big day - we're talking cake, dress, champagne, music - the works. Now, all of those details are of course fun...

  • Bright Idea: LEDs on Halloween!

    I don't know about you, but Halloween is my favorite holiday. Any day you're allowed to eat as much sugar as you want while simultaneously pretending to be somebody else is fine by me. And what about pumpkins? I mean, they're delicious in a pie OR in a ravioli (my two favorite food groups), they'...

  • Black Lights Not Just for Dorm Rooms Anymore

    Remember that show that aired a few years back? The one where they guy takes a blacklight into a hotel room and reaveals all of the stains on the bedspread? Well, as gross as those discoveries may have been, watching that show also proved that blacklight can provide more than a groovy ambiance in...

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