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Elemental LED has a quarterly DIY competition that offers a variant look into who we are and how we think. We get excited about sharing our creativity and expressing our individuality. Check out some of our most exciting creations!

Employee Culture

  • Side View LED Strip Light Refurbishes Retro Miller Sign

    One man's trash is another man's treasure, as Tim Wells our Project Manager learned one day walking into an antique store after a hearty meal with his girlfriend. With a brush of fresh paint and new lights, Tim turned this old Miller sign into new retro decor. Read on for his making of process:...

  • LED strip lights bring Gundam Virtue model to life

    Our Customer Service Representative James Chau is a big anime fan. He has been watching "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" ever since its debut in America on the SyFy Channel. It has always been a childhood dream of James to elevate the art of Gunpla, also known as the practice of making Gundam models....

  • Boulder Shot: An LED Mini Bocci-Croquet-Golf Game Extravaganza

    Bret Rood and Michael Goodman teamed up for our September Employee DIY project contest to create this game for all ages. Below, Michael describes the amalgamation of their ideas to produce their game. Bret and myself (Michael) love creating games. We have worked on card games and boar...

  • LED Lights at Burning Man #3: Elemental LED Art Projects

    JoeJoe Martin, Elemental LED’s lead engineer, contributed his incredible talents (and some of Elemental LED's LED lights) to a few projects at Burning Man this year. Here’s a look at what he worked on. The Otic Oasis Burning Man, some might say, is an experiment in maximalism—...

  • The LED Lit Alien Robot Helmet

    Elemental customer service representative Bret Rood added some color-changing LED lights to an already constructed helmet, and he’s now able to (in his words) “vaporize some bounty hunters.”

  • Movie Poster LED Light Box

    Elemental customer service representative Michael Facer built a custom light box for his movie collectibles using a custom steel box, a piece of white acrylic, and some LED light bars. He provided us with instructions, which can be used for any size or type of light box. You can see his full ins...

  • Pimp Your Ride with Waterproof LED Strip Lights

    We’ve all seen them and (probably) laughed: tricked-out cars driving down the strip with glowing ground effects that make them look like hovering spacecrafts. Kind of ridiculous, but also kind of awesome, especially if you could just do it for a night without spending lots of money.  It turn...

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