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Complementing Elemental LED's engineering and manufacturing capabilities, our Business Solutions team focuses on specific verticals with large complex LED lighting requirements that often involve a coordinated roll-out. This end-to-end solutions group follows a simple engagement methodology rooted in helping our customers get the best LED lighting solution for their needs. Our Business Solutions team includes individuals with expertise in engineering, design, retail environments and fixtures, hospitality, and a host of commercial based applications. Whether it's a one-of-a-kind or tailor-made solution, the Business Solutions team guarantees to maximize customer impact and help drive revenue for your business.

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  • “When I am looking for advice on LED lighting, I am confident that I’ve found a real expert who understands my unique business challenges.”
    - Mark Christianson, Wellington Wine Cellars, Inc.
  • “Partnering with Elemental LED as our LED supplier has allowed us to come far under budget and deadline.”
    - Susan Turner, ITEC
  • “I have an Account Manager that understands me and my business. There’s nothing more valuable than that.”
    - Bob Halper, Halper Lighting Solutions
  • “Elemental LED has always provided excellent service to our company. Whether it's answering a question for one of our customers or simply taking my order each time I call, I can always count on an amazing level of attention and care!”
    - Jennifer Blomendahl, Jason Wright Electric
  • “Elemental LED has been instrumental in helping us move projects from the conceptual phase into production. Their prompt and attentive service is always appreciated.”
    - Steve Penny, Beeline

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Our Clientele

Custom Manufacturing * Custom cut and solder tape light and Custom cut channels * Fully loaded custom fixtures * Prototypes * Custom Products

Our services

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    Project Consultation

    You need someone that you can trust to give you the right information and help you make the right decisions. Your dedicated Account Manager is an LED lighting expert who specializes in your industry. Our services don’t stop after you create your bill of materials and place your order. Your Account Manager will be available for consultation until your project is complete and for any following projects.

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    When you work with us to create a custom lighting solution, we know you need to test the product or part before moving into full production. At Elemental LED, we offer prototyping as part of our services. This means that after you work out a design with your Account Manager, our engineering team will create a prototype of the design for you to test and approve. If it doesn’t meet your specifications as requested, we will modify the design until it does. Additionally, we’ll test the prototype to make sure it passes our strict quality standards.

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    Customization of Color Temperature

    Changing the color temperature of lights can drastically impact the color of the object being illuminated. At Elemental LED, we offer our lighting products in almost one dozen color temperatures from warm white 2000K to cool daylight 6500K. However, we know that some of our customers require a completely customized kelvin rating for their lighting installations. That’s why we offer linear and modular lighting solutions with customized Kelvin ratings. Our Account Managers will help you determine the right color temperature for your application. Then, we work with our in-house engineers to design, test and manufacture a custom solution for you.

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    Quotes and Bids

    The only way to truly know if a lighting product meets your standards of quality and performance is by seeing the product in hand. Because of this, we offer our customers product samples so that you can compare brightness, color-temperature, finish, weight, form and functionality with other products. Order multiple samples and compare them side-by-side to determine what product will work best for you. Compare our samples with products from other vendors to see the quality difference in our product. We take quality seriously, and we want to show you the Elemental LED difference first hand.

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    Contract Manufacturing

    Contract Manufacturing at Elemental LED is about building a lighting solution around you. We create and manufacture a custom product based on your specific project needs by modifying it to deliver the right light output, color temperature, form factor and connectivity. Our Account Managers will work closely with you on developing a design that meets your needs. Then, our engineering team will thoroughly evaluate your specifications, develop a prototype and test it to make sure that it passes quality control before moving into final production.

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    Vendor Managed Inventory

    Managing shipments of parts from suppliers for a large project can be an overwhelming process. When you make use of our vendor managed inventory service, we alleviate this problem; you’ll receive shipments from us only when you need it and where you need it. We’ll stock the parts that you’ll need over the course of a specified period, and ship quantities directly to you or your customers when needed. This service is perfect for large projects with multiple phases, businesses with several retail outlets, and professionals working at a variety of locations.

  • UL and Class 2 Certification

    We know that certification is a primary concern when it comes to choosing lighting products. And if it’s your concern, then it’s our concern, too. At Elemental LED, we will deliver a complete bill of UL listed and Class 2 compliant materials. We offer a complete catalog of LED lighting products, dimmers and power supplies that are UL listed. Additionally, we offer a full selection of supportive parts, including cables, connectors, extensions, housings and transformers that are Class 2 compliant.

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    Led Sign Wizard Program

    Our LED Sign Wizard program utilizes industry-leading software to streamline the specification process and determine the type and quantity of LED lighting modules needed to light your sign. Here’s how it works: Your Account Manager will work with you on collecting the shape, dimensions, lighting style and desired outcome of your sign. Then this information is entered into the digital Sign Wizard program. The program will then return a complete diagram of your sign’s lighting configuration, with the size, type and number of lighting modules needed.

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