Boulder Shot: An LED Mini Bocci-Croquet-Golf Game Extravaganza

Bret Rood and Michael Goodman teamed up for our September Employee DIY project contest to create this game for all ages. Below, Michael describes the amalgamation of their ideas to produce their game.

Bret and myself (Michael) love creating games. We have worked on card games and board games for years. We finally decided with our company picnic that was coming up that we would design an outdoor game. This game would be something everyone could enjoy in both the sun the dark. Unfortunately, we were not able to get it ready before our picnic but we still did get a rough prototype together. We have started calling our game "Boulder Shot" as a code name until we come up with an official title.

The game functions on a fairly simple system. All the rules are not yet finished but the basic idea is there. The first team to score three points wins! We mark our points by lighting up each tower as we go along. If the red team scores a point, we mark a tower red and if the blue team scores a point we mark a tower blue. If a team is tied for the win, one tower will be marked purple. This tower represents a point to each team.

To score a point you must get the smaller ball into the castle while avoiding the other teams’ larger scaled ball. When scoring the flag will light up indicating you have scored.

Bret and I created this game using old cardboard boxes and plastic caps from shipping tubes. Added some craft foam and clever cutting to get some hi-tech looking designs. Most importantly we used LED lighting to mark our towers and light up our score indicator. For our LED’s we used DAZZLE 24™ 24V RGB LED Tape Light and some CLICKTIGHT® connectors, switches, and a PORTAVOLT™ battery pack.

This was just our Mark I prototype, we have big plans on making a final design and showing the game off with all its rules at a later date. We may even try putting the game on to see if there is additional interest in the game.

After the votes were tallied - Bret and Michael won 2nd place with a $50 gift card to Trader Jones. Perhaps they should duke it out for the prize with a few rounds of Boulder Dash.

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