An Economical Way to Protect LED Tape Light: TAPEGUARD

Pictured: the Frosted model of TAPEGUARD LED Tape Light Cover

LED Tape Light offers features that are hard to find in other lighting: compactness, a low, narrow profile, the ability to cut and bend it, and a flexibility that allows it to fit into a custom installation. But because it’s not a bulky, heavily-built fixture, LED tape light can benefit from a protective cover in some high-traffic areas.

The TAPEGUARD™ LED Tape Light Cover is the easiest way to provide protection while keeping the low profile characteristic that makes tape light so appealing. TAPEGUARD is a protective cover for indoor LED strip light installations. TAPEGUARD protects from dust and airborne grease and dirt and creates a surface that can be easily wiped clean. This cover is easy to install: just cut to size with scissors, peel off the backing and apply to a flat surface.

Another benefit of TAPEGUARD is that it’s available in your choice of a Clear cover that maintains maximum light output or a Frosted cover that delivers subtle light diffusion. This LED accessory creates an attractive and finished look while ensuring years of life from your LED lights.

Find out more at the TAPEGUARD LED Tape Light Cover product page.


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