Alpha Wave Touches the Subconscious with LED Lights

In a time when art, music and media seem to operate under a “more is more,” maximalist philosophy, it’s refreshing to glimpse some eye candy that pays homage to less overt facets of life. “Alpha Wave” is a recent exhibition of paintings and LED lighting art by Milwaukee-born artist Evan Gruzis, on display through April 20, 2012 at Duve Berlin. Though there is still much to discover regarding alpha waves, what scientists now know is that they are neural oscillations (AKA brain waves) that occur during the mind’s most relaxed, non-sleeping state or during REM sleep. Many believe that alpha waves are a necessary building block for healthy human functioning, especially in relation to stress management, immunity, creativity, emotional responsiveness, learning and mental health.

Using layers of sheer watercolor to create beautiful washes of pigment, Gruzis’s dreamlike images evoke the ephemeral colored spots we sometimes see when we close our eyes, meditate or wake up from a dream. Besides paintings, the exhibition also includes “TV,” an abstracted, hypnotic DMX LED projection. Watching TV’s gently pulsing RBG LED lights for a few continuous minutes produces a meditative state in the viewer much like the relaxed state the brain requires to produce alpha waves. Employing soothing yet emotive colors like indigo, deep purple and stormy grays, the exhibition attempts to provide a visual representation of something all humans experience but rarely notice in a conscious state.  In today’s hustle-and-bustle world, any reminder to pay attention to life’s subtler side is welcome. If you happen to be in Berlin over the next few weeks, don’t miss this!

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