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    Three Diode LED Products Nominated for Prestigious Industry Sapphire Awards

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    Leading Manufacturer’s Innovation Honored by LEDs Magazine   February 15, Reno, NV – Elemental LED, a leading U.S. based engineering and technology company that manufactures LED lighting solutions announced today that three unique products were honored with nominations at the fou...

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    New Silicon Technology Makes LEDs More Affordable

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    One of the biggest complaints about LED lights is that they’re too expensive, but all that may be changing thanks to a new product by Bridgelux. The Livermore-based LED lighting company has replaced an integral and typically high-cost LED component, sapphire substrate, with a much more affordab...

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    LED Lights Ensure You’ll Always Pray in the Right Direction

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    If Mecca is your spiritual hub of choice, then doing your daily prayers just got a little brighter and easier. A Turkish designer has made a prayer rug that’s outfitted with LED lights; the rug becomes illuminated when it is pointed in the direction of Mecca. Named “The Sajjdah 1426” (sajjd...

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