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About Elemental LED

Elemental LED is a leading U.S.-based engineering and technology company that creates, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells innovative, configured, and integrated LED lighting solutions. The company's two sales divisions, Diode LED and Business Solutions, focus on providing superior technology and solutions to tens of thousands of customers annually.

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Diode LED

Diode LED, the wholesale and manufacturing division of the company, is a premier wholesale supplier of LED lighting solutions that provide a wide variety of linear, task, and accent lighting solutions for residential and commercial applications. Diode LED's products are preferred by lighting designers, architects, specifiers, electricians, and general contractors, and are carried by over 1,800 lighting showrooms and electrical distributors throughout the country.

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Business Solutions Division

The Business Solutions division focuses on the consulting, design, and engineering of large-scale innovative LED lighting solutions that cater to a wide array of clients including retail, hospitality, and display companies. Our expertise manifests in our ability to understand the desired lighting impact of a project, determine technical specifications and compliance, customize and tailor complex solutions, and help manage program rollouts.

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Product Brands

Elemental LED manufactures the Diode LED product line to support the needs of contractors, architects, electricians and lighting design professionals. It provides the foundation product line for our customized solutions. Diode LED products are designed and engineered for high performance; color consistency, high quality color-rendering (high CRI and R9/R13 values), and simplified lighting control.

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Elemental LED created the Lumenfactor product line specifically for the fabricator marketplace. All the products in this product family are sourced, designed and engineered for specific performance characteristics and simplified integration into displays and products that need high quality lighting.

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Culture and Careers

Elemental LED is proud of our entrepreneurial, spirited and passionate culture.  We believe in cultivating knowledge in our people as much as we do in listening to their ideas, from our entry-level talent to our most experienced members.  We encourage our people to think big, speak up and get the impossible done.  This mentality is deeply ingrained in our company culture and is the formula for our success.  Our unique development opportunities and dynamic work environment have resulted in unprecedented levels of engagement across our organization.  We are vested in the future of our people as much as they are vested in us.  As we focus on nurturing and growing the careers of our people, we are building Elemental LED’s leaders of tomorrow.

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