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Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver


  • Wireless
  • Use with RGB Wall Washers
  • Use with DMX Controllers
  • 3-pin DMX-512

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The Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver enables you to wirelessly color control any DMX LED light fixture. The Wireless Transmitter/Receivers are sold individually, and either unit, whether male or female, can act as transmitter or receiver. The unit acting as a transmitter connects to an LED Color Controller, and the receiver connects directly to a DMX Wall Washer and other DMX-enabled fixtures. (Click the picture at left to determine whether you need a male or female version.) This Wireless DMX LED Transmitter/Receiver works perfectly with our DMX Color Controllers and Apollo Jammer LED Music Controller to command any of our color-changing LED Wall Washers. It can also be used between two wall washers so that they are wirelessly daisy-chained.

The Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver use a three-pin DMX-512 connector type that connects directly to any of our color-changing LED Wall Washers. This compact wireless LED system has a transmission range of up to 1,000 feet (without obstacles). Each transmitter/receiver includes one plug-in adapter to power it. This transmitter operates on a frequency of 2.4G ISM with a capacity of 126 channels. Up to seven pairs of Wireless DMX Transmitters can be used in the same space without interfering with each other.

(Product SKUs: DI-0820, DI-0821, EL-WLDMX-M, EL-WLDMX-F, EL-WLDMX-P)

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DI-0820 Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver - female In stock $134.99
DI-0821 Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver - male In stock $134.99
  1. Works well

    Reviewed on June 26, 2012 by Patrick Nolan

    I have ordered two pairs and received them quickly. It arrives as a transmitter (male) and receiver (female) DMX sticks. It works right out of the box without cofiguring - you are free to set the signal on each pair if you like. To set the pair to one of the seven signals requires a paper clip or something similar, and you insert into the changer selector hole to pick a different signal. The only reason you would want to do this is if you have more than seven DMX fixtures in use with the Apollo receiver in each. My only wish for this product is if you could purchase pairs of receivers.
    DJ Thump Entertainment

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Reviewing Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver

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Weight: 7 oz.
Transmitter Length: 4.75 in.
Transmitter Diameter: 0.75 in.
Antenna Length: 3.7 in.
Antenna Diameter: 0.3 in.
Connectors: 1 male 3-pin DMX-512, 1 female 3-pin DMX-512

  1. Do you have any schematics that offer suggestive uses for full room uplighting which includes wall washers, and other DMX lighting effects, or something that illustrates the Apollo's use beyond 126 channels of DMX? Thank you.

    From Guest at 6/26/12 8:57 AM
    We do not have anything currently that detailed in our wiring diagrams. Most of the wiring diagrams are for basic, common set-ups. Whereas your request seems more specific for your application. We are currently working on some new instructionals, with more information on DMX Systems.
  2. Are your wireless dmx led transmitters compatible with chauvet products? I.e. chauvet. Parslim 38 and Chauvet OBEY3
    Thank you

    From djkevb at 8/10/12 2:45 AM
    Though the transmitter may work with the Chauvet products you listed, we cannot guarantee that it will. We would advise that you inquire at Chauvet

    Thank you

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