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  • Durable
  • Dimmable
  • Very Bright
  • Samsung LED chips
  • Low heat


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The TRIANT® LED Puck Light is a stylish and compact under cabinet LED light that provides focused task lighting in any room in the house while consuming a fraction of the electricity that a conventional light bulb does, or even a CFL. This low heat, high-end solution for under cabinet, shelf, counter, retail display window lighting, and accent lighting cannot be compared to ordinary LED puck lights. Featuring high output Samsung LED chips, and using very little power, our dimmable LED puck is one of the brightest and most efficient LED light fixtures available.

This dimmable puck is made of sturdy aluminum, not plastic, with high-quality Samsung LED chips, so this fixture is built for years of use. Our customers find TRIANT LED pucks to be excellent under cabinet LED lighting that is the perfect low-heat substitute for hot halogen and incandescent lighting. The advantages are unlimited:

  • Sleek, sturdy aluminum housing, with your choice of finish
  • High output, super bright Samsung LED chips
  • Dimmable with low voltage or AC dimmer switches
  • Gives off very little heat
  • Uses 10% of the electricity of an incandescent or halogen puck light
  • UL Listed
  • Manufactured without the use of toxic materials


(Product SKUs: DI-0332-SA, DI-0333-SA, DI-0332-SB, DI-0333-SB, DI-0332-SW, DI-0333-SW)


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SKU Product Name Availability Price
DI-0332-SA TRIANT LED Puck Light - warm white - aluminum finish In stock $48.99
DI-0333-SA TRIANT LED Puck Light - cool white - aluminum finish In stock $48.99
DI-0332-SB TRIANT LED Puck Light - warm white - black finish In stock $48.99
DI-0333-SB TRIANT LED Puck Light - cool white - black finish In stock $48.99
DI-0332-SW TRIANT LED Puck Light - warm white - white finish In stock $48.99
DI-0333-SW TRIANT LED Puck Light - cool white - white finish In stock $48.99
  1. Perfect Curio Cabinet Lighting

    Reviewed on May 8, 2014 by Diana

    I purchased these puck lights to install inside my glass curio cabinet. They worked beautifully! Easy to install and the warm light makes my treasures sparkle. What I like most is that they don't get hot so there is no danger of damage to the more fragile items in the cabinet. I couldn't be more pleased.
  2. Exactly What I Needed

    Reviewed on January 24, 2014 by Steve

    I was purchasing these lights to use for my primary lighting in a beach house in the Bahamas where electricity is expensive. I am going to mount them in hollowed out beams in the ceilings. I ordered 31 of these lights with dimmer modules. If I turn on all the lights in the house, I'll be using less watts than two 60 watt light bulbs! Wow, think about the energy saved! I bought a dimmer switch and an AC power supply so I could test their brightness since it will be several months before they are installed. They have great light output (I bought the warm colored lights) and it's great to be able to dim them as well for more energy savings. If the quality stands up, I've never go back to old school lighting again (why would anyone). The service at Elemental was outstanding as well. I basically told them what I was doing and told them to tell me what I needed... done! The cost for all the lighting was approximately $1800 for the entire home (2bed/1 bath cottage); I'm extremely pleased. I don't normally write reviews, but I feel people need to change their ways to lessen our energy requirements.
  3. WOW

    Reviewed on December 24, 2013 by Anne Marie

    Amazing lighting. Used in a custom display cabinet that has individual cubbies they transform the unit into something that looks like it is from a high end designer magazine.
  4. Outstanding construction with sleek, clean design

    Reviewed on November 8, 2013 by Curtis

    I needed puck lights for the inside top of my new kitchen cabinets. I made the mistake of purchasing some house brand LED puck lights from a famous big box home supply store that turned out to be constructed of cheap plastic and poor LED's. I returned those and found Elemental LED on the Web. I was given excellent customer service who helped me select the correct type of puck lights they sell as well as the wire, easy connectors, etc. When I received the light components I was amazed at the commercial quality of their products. Elemental LED's light pucks are made of aluminum unlike the big box's cheap plastic ones I returned. These lights look absolutely stunning in my glass door kitchen cabinets and installation was a breeze .

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Reviewing TRIANT LED Puck Light

  1. We need an extra 10-12 feet between the three way splitter and the dimmer. Is this possible?

    From Peter at 11/16/13 5:01 PM
    Hello Peter,

    What we would suggest is running 18 - 20 gauge wire to complete your run of the needed 10-12 feet.

    Thank you.
  2. what is the number of pucks that can be used on a single driver? Are there different sizes in drivers and if so what are they? What is the recommended distance of the driver to the pucks?

    From jeff at 11/25/13 7:38 AM
    Hello Jeff,

    The maximum number of Pucks that can be used on a single driver would be 10.

    It will also depend on the length of your run. Their is no recommended length of run, however you will receive voltage drop after 16.4 feet of a run.

    We sell 3 different types of power supplies that have different wattage options:

    12V Adapter

    12V Driver

    12V Dimmable LED Driver

    Thank you
  3. Hello,
    I was told that the EL-PUCK-SAM fixtures could be installed within glazed kitchen wall cabinets. However, the product data indicates that the EL-PUCK-SAM have only a UL rating for undercounter installations. and the product data indicates that the fixtures should be installed in a well-ventilated non-combustible location. Please clarify.


    From Joe at 1/13/14 2:45 PM
    Hello Bob,

    Our TRIANT pucks have a sturdy but lightweight aluminum housing that can be surface mounted or recessed-mounted making it ideal for cabinets, furniture, shelf, display-case, and accent lighting.

    Thank You

  4. can these puck lights be controlled with a standard dimmer wall switch? is it better to use a 150 watt dimmer switch? Would the standard dimmer be wired the same as you show in your diagrams...between pucks and transformer? Thanks

    From Jeff at 2/4/14 6:45 AM
    Hello Jeff,

    We suggest using our Driver/Dimmer Switch.

    Our Drivers are specially made to be compatible with the Reign Dimmers we have.
    Our Magnetic Drivers are made to be compatible with Lutron Dimmers (Please adhere to Dimmer Compatible Sheet listed on product page)

    The wattage of your driver will depend on the number of Pucks you will be installing.
    Our Puck Lights have 3.92 watts.
    What you will need to do is multiply 3.92 with the number of Pucks you are installing then you will have your driver wattage.

    If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us here.

    Thank you

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