LED garage lights illuminate this workspace

Basements, Garages and Closets

For clear, bright task lighting in your basement or garage, the SUPERLUME™ Waterproof High Output LED Light Bar provides just the right illumination. This linear fixture mounts easily to the top of any workspace with the included brackets and screws. Choose from warm white or neutral white and two length options. With one of these LED garage lights installed, you’ll never nail, saw, screw or sketch in the shadows again!

LED garage lighting casts no shadows

Basements, Garages and Closets

CORONIS™ 240 Waterproof Strip Light in neutral white was used in this work shed to illuminate all of the nooks, crannies and dark corners of the shelves. No more blindly digging around for what you need—the bright LED garage lights cast no shadows.

LED lights for garages, closets and basements

Basements, Garages and Closets

Install retrofit LED Tess Bulbs in your closets for a high-quality, low energy, low heat alternative. These screw-in bulbs are easy on the energy bill, and they don't get too hot, so there is no risk to burning your clothes or degrading fabrics. The Tess bulb is available in several incandescent wattage equivalents. Choose warm white for a light quality similar to incandescent bulbs, and neutral white for a light similar to CFL’s.

  1. $25.99
    • NEW - High 80+ CRI
    • Our brightest tape
    • Ultra High Output
    • For bright task lighting
    • UL Listed
  2. CASCADEĀ® LED Light Bar

    SKU: DI-12V-CD

    • Waterproof, Durable, Dimmable
    • ETL Certified
    • 310-615 lumens
    • Not for use in or around chlorinated or salt water
  3. $29.99
    • Easy to install
    • Sturdy
    • Use for cabinets, drawers, doors
    • For indoor use
  4. Inline LED On/Off Switch


    Can be used with any fixture or accessory with DC plugs.