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Remote Control LED Dimmer Switch


  • 50% OFF
  • Comes with key-fob remote control
  • 12V-24V PWM Dimmer
  • 96W limit
  • Compact

Remote Control LED Dimmer Switch

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The Remote Control LED Dimmer Switch is a compact, lightweight LED dimmer that comes with a remote control. Enjoy total dimming control over your 12V-24V LED lights with the key-fob style wireless controller from anywhere in the room! This LED dimmer switch is compatible with any Elemental LED lights that are listed as dimmable. This LED switch also features built-in auto memory, so it remembers the last setting after you turn it off and back on. This clearance product is available while supplies last. Clearance items are warrantied but non-returnable.

Installation of this remote control dimmer is easy: just connect your 12V or 24V DC LED light fixture to the output side of the switch, then connect the low voltage power source to the input side of the dimmer. Connections are made by pushing the spring-loaded red and black clips, sliding the wires in, and releasing the clips. No additional power source is required to power this remote control switch. The dimmer housing features four sturdy but compact mounting brackets.

Each LED dimmer switch includes a remote control with up and down brightness buttons and an on/off switch. The pocket-size wireless remote control includes a battery and a keychain clip to keep it handy.

  1. precision control

    Reviewed on February 2, 2013 by James Fisher

    I replaced a toggle switch switch on my bookcase lights with this device and could not be happier with the result. I now control on/off and brightness of 39 linear feet of LEDs with a small remote. The dimmer box is hidden behind books, so is a very clean installation.
  2. From any where in the house

    Reviewed on June 19, 2012 by John

    Since I am hiding the driver and wiring behind my built in microwave oven, the remote control LED dimmer switch is a very important component of my installation. The dimmer works great from any where in my house.

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Reviewing Remote Control LED Dimmer Switch

Weight: 4 oz.
Length: 4 in.
Width: 2.25 in.
Height: 1.4 in.
Voltage: 12V-24V
Output: 1 channel
Maximum Load: 8A
Maximum Output: 96W (12V), 192W (24V)
Remote Control Range: 50 ft.
Auto Memory: yes
  1. What is the distance range on this fob?

    From Guest at 2/1/12 6:43 AM
    The range on the fob is about 50 feet.
  2. Is the dimmer signal from the key fob IR or RF?

    From Guest at 2/1/12 7:53 AM
    The dimmer signal from the key fob is RF.
  3. will this Dimmer work on the dimmable led Puc lights, and also, can Dimmer control be located in a cabinet, or does it have to be visible for the remote to work?

    From Guest at 2/1/12 7:55 AM
    Yes, the dimmer will work with our dimmable puck lights. Also the controller does function RF, so you do not need a direct line of sight. The distance the controller will work at is about 50 feet.
  4. If brightness is set at a specific level and power is removed/applied (e.g., power outage), will the lights be restored to prior brightness level?

    From Guest at 2/1/12 8:59 AM
    The remote dimmer does have a memory setting. When shutting off at a pre-set dimmer level and turning it back on, the lights will be on at the previous setting last used.
  5. What is the frequency of this dimmer?
    I am using LED's for video light, and the previous dimmer I used was too low frequency and caused flicker that could be seen in the video picture.

    From kob at 8/11/12 7:31 AM
    In order to find out that information, we would need to contact our manufacturer. We'll send you a reply to your email once we receive an update from our manufacturer.

    Thank you

  6. If I use a second dimmer switch for another circuit will the second key-fob interfere with the first controller? Will the switches be on different channels? If you loose a key-fob do you need to purchase a new controller and key-fob?

    From Guest at 8/20/12 3:24 AM
    The two Key-fobs will not interfere with each other. They will be set to separate frequencies. If you lose a key-fob however, the unit will need to be replaced as the Dimmer is set to only receive signals from that individual key-fob.
  7. For those of us with home automation systems, the frequency, or at least the band for the remote would be useful information, and it would be nice if you published it instead of emailing. My system can at least receive many remote signals, which can trigger other activities.

    It would also be very useful if there were a device such as this one which could be dimmed and brightened by a simple, wired remote switch, rather than a RF fob. This would allow a small, flat, easily concealed switch to be concealed, say underneath an upper cabinet or allow the dimmer to be controlled by a relay that is part of an automation system.

    From GeneV at 10/8/12 5:25 AM
    I am sorry we do not have the information you require. We have not tested all of our products on the many home automation and dimmer switches on the market. I would recommend you look into the Lutron Hi-Lume Drivers as these are built for home automation systems. I would recommend you do some more research on your home automation system or contact the manufacturer for more information regarding further compatibility.
  8. Could many of these like 30-40 be used in the same physical area ? Are the fobs and dimmer units programmable in that they can all have unique codes or addresses ?

    From Terry at 10/26/12 4:37 PM
    This is a Radio Frequency remote control. This means that each key fob is paired on a specific frequency to its dimmer control.
  9. Your wiring diagram only shows hard wired transformers. Is there any reason this device could not be used with a plug-in adaptor?

    From James at 1/25/13 11:03 AM
    You may use our remote dimmer with a plug-in adapter. You would just need an LED Adapter Splice Cable (female) to turn the DC male connection from your adapter into two low voltage wires that can be connected to your remote dimmer.
  10. Do you offer a wireless system that fits a typical switch box for dimmable lights (similar to the RGB dimmer system). I would like to run undercab lighting via DC outlet into recpetical on wall, but it would be nice if i could control them from the wall switches without opening walls and running wire.

    From Pat M at 4/1/13 5:49 PM
    Unfortunately, we do not currently carry a Single Color LED Dimmer that has a Wireless remote that may be mounted on/in a wall to control the Lights.

    Thank you.

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