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REIGN® Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switches


  • New Touch model
  • 12V-24V PWM Dimmers
  • 100W limit
  • Choice of 2 finishes
  • ETL Certified

REIGN® Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switches

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REIGN® Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switches were engineered by and are manufactured for Elemental LED to fit right into a standard wall light switch box. These PWM dimmers are compatible with 12V or 24V LED lights in lighting installations of 100W or less. They are connected between the 12V or 24V power supply and 12V or 24V LED fixture, and will dim any of our dimmable LED lights. These sturdy LED dimmers come in an attractive housing and are available in three styles and two finish colors. This ETL Listed LED switch is the ultimate LED retrofit accessory.

We currently offer REIGN Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switches in these models: the Touch dimmer, the Button Slide, and Full Slide. The REIGN Touch LED dimmer provides full touch control of lighting with memory that fades to off and smoothly fades on to the previous setting. The Button Slide features a compact slider and a button on/off switch; the Full Slide features an easy-to-grip slider and an on/off toggle switch. Each model offers the same, smooth dimming range, from 100% - 5%, with no flickering, humming, or jumping. The maximum load for this LED dimmer switch is 100 Watts, so they're perfect for any LED light installations that draw 100 Watts or less.

Like our Inline Dimmer Switch, REIGN dimmers are low voltage dimmer switches that operate only with our standard 12V or 24V DC constant voltage drivers and plug-in adapters. REIGN Dimmers cannot be used with our series of Magnetic Dimmable Drivers (which are compatible with 120V AC magnetic low voltage dimmers), and they will not work with 120V AC power.


(Product SKUs: DI-1150-LA, DI-1150-W, DI-1151-LA, DI-1151-W, DI-REIGN-TS-LA, DI-REIGN-TS-WH)


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SKU Product Name Availability Price
DI-1150-LA REIGN Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switch - button slide - gloss light almond finish In stock $54.99
DI-1150-W REIGN Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switch - button slide - gloss white finish Limited Stock $54.99
DI-1151-W REIGN Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switch - full slide - gloss white In stock $54.99
DI-1151-LA REIGN Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switch - full slide - gloss light almond finish In stock $54.99
DI-REIGN-TS-WH REIGN Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switch - Touch - gloss white finish In stock $54.99
DI-REIGN-TS-LA REIGN Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switch - Touch - gloss light almond finish In stock $54.99
  1. 3 way

    Reviewed on June 10, 2014 by Paul

    First job works great with LED Supply Co. product. Will be ordering again.
    Is 3-way dimming available in REIGN
  2. Wonderful product but pricey

    Reviewed on March 9, 2013 by Brent

    I received my Reign very fast. The instal was for some 12 volt under cabinet lighting. The only reason for the 4 stars is because of the price! But hey it works flawlessly. However I did have to connect the ground from the switch to the power from the power source and power from the switch to ground from the supply, the guys at Elemental said it is called double reversed polarity, very common in 12 volt systems. I also had to do this several times throughout my lighting system, after every 3rd light to be exact. A lot of confusion, but they work and look great!

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Reviewing REIGN® Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switches

The REIGN Dimmer is NOT compatible with our Magnetic Dimmable Drivers (which are compatible with 120V AC magnetic low voltage dimmers).

DO NOT connect this switch to 120V AC house power.

Click here to download a specification sheet PDF.

Click here to download an installation guide PDF for the Touch dimmer model.

Click here to download an installation guide PDF for the Button and Full Slide models.

Input Voltage: 12V-24V DC
Output Voltage: 12V-24V DC
Maximum Load: 100W
Switch Type: PWM
Compatible with: constant voltage drivers
Environment: indoor/dry location
Warranty: 2 years
Certifications: ETL Listed

  1. What frequency range does the PWM operate over. Is it going to cause strobing on video cameras?

    From gizzmo at 9/14/12 10:25 PM
    The information on the exact frequency is not currently available. On occasion, the Reign Dimmer Switch has caused some strobing with certain cameras. When more information is available on this subject, we will post it on our web site.

    Thank you.
  2. how do i hook these up as a 3 way light switch?...

    2 switches controlling 1 LED strip

    From adam at 6/9/13 1:55 PM
    The Reign Dimmer Switch does not currently support 3-way capabilities.
    In order to achieve a three way switching ability, you will want to use a Lutron Maestro Wireless Dimmer Switch (Model# #MRF26ND-120) along with our EL-TMDRVR Dimmable Driver. This will allow for 3-way On/Off / Dimming capabilities.
    Please refer to the wiring diagram on the 12v Dimmable Driver page for installation instructions for the Switch and Driver.


    Thank you.
  3. What does it mean when the green LED on the Full Slide dimmer switch blinks? It doesn't blink at all when the slider is all the way down, it blinks slowly when it's halfway up, and it blinks quickly when it's at the top. The LED lights also don't light up anymore (this was after it worked fine for a couple of days). Is that a bad dimmer? Transformer? Or LED lights?

    From CW at 6/22/13 5:37 PM

    Sounds like it may be several factors involved that may be causing this issue.

    We might suggest that you send this question to: Answers@elementalled.com, and one of our technicians will reply to this matter in detail.

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