Mounting Clip and Screw


  • Extra clips for:
  • Waterproof LED Strip Lights
  • TRUE FOCUS Light Bars
  • SUNRISE Light Bars
  • CASCADE Light Bars

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Elemental LED sells mounting clips and screws by the single clip to assist in installing the Waterproof LED Strip Lights, TRUE FOCUS™ LED Light Bar, SUNRISE™ LED Light Bar, and CASCADE™ LED Light Bars. These mounting Clips are custom-made to fit our waterproof flexible strip lights and light bars and hold them securely in place with the use of a Philips-head screw.

Although one complete spool of Elemental LED's Waterproof Flexible Light comes with mounting clips, if you buy only one or two feet, these mounting clips are an essential accessory for helping the installation of your strip lights go much more smoothly. Each of our LED light bars comes with a pair of clips and screws included.

Each mounting clip comes with one Philips head screw so you don't need to worry about finding the right one. Just attach the clip where you need it on the strip or light bar, then screw the clip into a surface.


(Product SKUs: DI-0754, DI-0750, DI-0751, DI-0752.)


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EL-IMGWPRIBCLP Mounting Clip and Screw - Waterproof Strip In stock $0.89
EL-IMG20INCLP Mounting Clip and Screw - TRUE FOCUS Bar In stock $0.89
EL-IMG20CLP Mounting Clip and Screw - CASCADE Bar In stock $0.89
EL-IMG20WPCLP Mounting Clip and Screw - SUNRISE Bar In stock $0.89

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Reviewing Mounting Clip and Screw

Sold by unit: 1 clip and 1 screw (light bars) / 1 clip and 2 screws (waterproof strip light)
Weight: 0.1 oz.
Length: 1.5 in.
Width: 0.6 in.

  1. I need a length of 30 feet and 1 length of 19 feet is this possible this would be the water proof bright light flexible for mounting in a chanel in a hand rail for steps please respond asap thanks JOHN JMS ELECTRIC

    From Guest at 5/1/12 2:05 PM
    I do not believe this is the proper forum or your question, however I can offer some assistance here. We do sell Brighter Waterproof LED Strips, however our longest spools are only 9.5 feet in length. You could always run two spools in a series then the third spool parallel back to the driver to achieve your 30ft section. Unfortunately none of our waterproof products currently fit into our aluminum channels, nor are the channels rated for outdoor use. If you would like a proper price quote, please submit all details of your project along with dimensions and drawings to Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. Thank you have a nice day.

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