LED Tape Light Sample Kit


  • Color/brightness comparison kit
  • Compare light output
  • Very Warm, Warm, Neutral, Cool Whites
  • Plug-and-play
  • All-inclusive


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The LED Tape Light Sample Kit helps you compare Elemental LED's indoor LED tape lights. If seeing is believing, then this all-inclusive flexible LED light kit is all you need to show you the differences in brightness and light quality offered by our most popular 80 CRI white linear lights. We've designed this package as an inexpensive testing option for those who are unsure about what our different tape lights have to offer. We include the most popular models and colors of our tape light so that you can compare light output and color temperature in one easy kit.

This plug-and-play LED light kit includes:

  • (1) 1 foot section each of FLUID VIEW 2000k (very warm white) and 3000k (warm white) tape lights
  • (1) 1 foot section each of BLAZE 3000k (warm white), 4200k (neutral white), and 6300k (cool white) tape lights
  • (1) 1 foot section of DOUBLE BLAZE 3000k (warm white) tape light
  • (1) 1 foot section of ASPECT 3000k (warm white) tape light
  • (1) 3-Way DC Splitter Plug
  • (1) 12 Watt 12V DC Plug-In Adapter

Setting up this kit is easy. Just plug the DC plugs attached to the tape light sections into the DC Splitter Plug, and connect the splitter to the plug-in DC adapter. This setup allows you to see three lights lit up at once, and it's portable, so you can visualize how the light is cast on different surfaces in a room.



  1. Nice Samples

    Reviewed on April 28, 2014 by Wesley

    The price was good. My unit came without instructions, but very little instruction is need. Each strip was easily customized and installed.
  2. Are you sitting down?

    Reviewed on December 29, 2013 by Rick D

    I ordered the kit and had the same problem others described. Really frustrating to assemble and difficult to tell one type from another. I emailed to express my disappointment, assuming my complaint would end up in a black hole somewhere. To my shock and amazement they wrote back saying others had the same problem and they changed the kit! They also offered to send a free replacement so I could see the difference. Bravo Elemental! I rarely see this level of customer service anymore.
  3. Which is which?

    Reviewed on December 3, 2013 by Brad

    Having a sample kit to test different color temperatures and brightness is great. Not being able to identify what you've selected sort of defeats the purpose. There does not seem to be any identification system to pair each LED strip with a particular Kelvin/Lumen specification. You're left guessing.
  4. Great kit with few problems

    Reviewed on December 2, 2013 by Mark

    I had some issues with contacts aligning and ease of pushing strips in, but cut 1/16 to 1/32 off the strip and they work. I would rather they push in hard than come out easy.
    Overall - Sample kit was pretty easy to assemble and try different strips. A good product to let us test lumens and temperatures.
  5. LED Sample Kit

    Reviewed on November 22, 2013 by Cheryl Morris

    I got the samples so I can light the interior of my small 8'x10' art shed. Using LEDs solves several problems for me. As soon as shed is completed, I can further test. Gave info on the LED samples to an instructor and a fellow horticulture student.
  6. Sample Kit

    Reviewed on November 12, 2013 by Shewy

    Amazing. I like the fact that I was able to put it together. Hands on in understanding the design so I can plan for the applications. Love the Kit. Maybe you can provide an RGB setup kit in the future?
  7. Sample kit

    Reviewed on August 31, 2013 by Rick

    Perfect solution for my purpose. Thanks!
  8. It helped me understand

    Reviewed on August 12, 2013 by Ron

    I did have a problem getting one of the strips to connect to the snap connector but I got the idea of what it was all supposed to show me. Also, the folks at the company responded to email promptly and were highly communicative. Good group. Thanks
  9. Must Have

    Reviewed on August 5, 2013 by Arthur

    Without this kit, I would have purchased the wrong lights. Being able to try out different brightnesses and warmths was a key factor in getting our cabinet lighting correct. I was planning on ordering the bright white, high powered lights until we tested them in our kitchen. We ended up going with the softest, warmest white color instead and love it.

    Like others, I did have to hold the sample strips up to the pictures on the web site to figure out what the name of the different samples were. However, it wasn't impossible.

    Great stuff.
  10. Connectors are a problem

    Reviewed on August 1, 2013 by Lawrence

    The connectors did not fit several of the strips and should be easier to insert than they are. Quality of light is excellent but the connectors are below average to average quality and I do not completely trust them to work every time.
  11. Contacts Do Not Align, Flicker

    Reviewed on July 18, 2013 by Mark

    The Clicktight Connectors are a Joke. Some of the worst manufacturing tolerances I have ever seen. I MUST HAVE RECEIVED A BAD BATCH! The solder points on the strips are off between 1/16 to 1/8" in relationship with the CLICKTIGHT Connectors. Currently using the EL-12V-VAL-360-IN-CW Cool White LED's and they have a random flicker. At this price point/quality control I WOULD NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Get it together Elmenatal LED! When you send samples you should send the Best not the worst!
  12. Overall satisfied but may not purchase again

    Reviewed on July 17, 2013 by Daryl

    Some of the light strips do not match up with the power brackets, this was an issue I noticed right away.
  13. Great Kit

    Reviewed on June 27, 2013 by John D

    Almost perfect! Good selection. Allowed me to see the different outputs & colors. I made my decision for a later purchase.

    The connectors for a couple of the sizes can't be closed because the last LED is in the way. Electrically, no problem. The adhesive on the strip keeps it in place. For a production application it would be soldered anyway so no big deal.

  14. Good selection

    Reviewed on June 27, 2013 by John Delaney

    This was actually nearly perfect. It had all the different LED sizes & densities & the two "white" colors for each. Decision made. Now that I know what I want just gotta get going on the project!

    The only problem I had was that the connectors were not a perfect fit for every LED strip. They all worked for sure. On a couple the last LED does not fit under the closure. Fine for demo purposes of course.
    Thank you!
  15. Great sample kit

    Reviewed on April 17, 2013 by Gary

    I was trying to light the stairs going into the garage, had to cut and splice to get to the four stairs, now trying to figure out all of the parts I need to cover the stairs. I think it's a great product and the sample arrived within a day or two, very quick.
  16. Sample Kit Good Idea

    Reviewed on April 11, 2013 by Janice

    The sample kit worked as advertised. I will pursue one of the options. Wiring diagrams with the productucts sampled is good but I would like to see a discussion of "best practices" in regard to power and dimming options.
  17. Sample Kit

    Reviewed on March 21, 2013 by Paul

    Well worth the money. It helps you figure out what light works best for a given space and how much light you need.
  18. Great way to "sample"

    Reviewed on February 27, 2013 by Darla

    Loved the ease with which you can try lighting alternatives, it would be nice to have each strip more easily identifiable though.
  19. LED light sample kit

    Reviewed on February 26, 2013 by Reg

    I like the product but it took me a while to determine which was which. A sticky on the back with it's name or product number would help.
    To get a real comparison of light output they should all be the same length.
  20. most helpful

    Reviewed on November 27, 2012 by Richard

    This kit took all the mystery out of just what these lighting options might do in real live applications. Excellent value and greatly assisted my planning.
  21. Sample Kit

    Reviewed on July 29, 2012 by Samantha

    Excellent option. This was very helpful and easy to use. Great value for my money. I'll be a return customer.
  22. Disappointed

    Reviewed on June 25, 2012 by Brandon

    I was disappointed with the product. One of the sample lights would not work. Also, I got the warm lights but was surprised with how low the light levels were for being recommended for kitchen applications.
  23. Great sampling

    Reviewed on April 29, 2012 by Alexandra

    The sample strips and splitter work great and give a very god example of how the strips work. I agree with other reviews, a slightly long strip would be very helpful and it'd be nice to choose which strip types you sample (i.e. the spacing and size of the LEDs on the strip) but otherwise the product is great, especially for architectural models looking to showing lighting.
  24. Sample Kit review

    Reviewed on April 27, 2012 by Benjamin

    Great idea. Without the sample kit I would still be trying to decide on a lighting solution for my new kitchen. Also, The sales person was extremely helpful when I later ordered the installation supplies.
  25. Sample Kit

    Reviewed on April 2, 2012 by TMast

    Very fun to see what is available.
  26. Sample kit

    Reviewed on March 29, 2012 by Richard

    I got the warm white kit and it is great. I held each under the kitchen cabinets to see which would be best for that application. I only wish I could get the same sample strips in the other color temperature without the power supply, adapters etc.
  27. sample kit

    Reviewed on March 13, 2012 by Randy Seeley

    When I took the sample kit to show a prospective customer we could not tell what product he selected with no labels on the sample. Past that my new under and over cabinet lighting with brighter 5 k led strips is awesome and simple to install.

  28. Cabinet lighting

    Reviewed on February 23, 2012 by Benjamin

    Great products, excellent service. Thanks!
  29. sample led strip

    Reviewed on February 11, 2012 by steve

    This is a good idea and a very good buy. It helps when you are trying to figure out how much light to use under the cabinets. I agree with the first 2 reviews, they need to be labeled and 12 inch strips would be great. Also how about letting the buyer pick which strips they want to try. I thought the price was right but I would pay a little more for the longer strips.
  30. Sample kit

    Reviewed on February 2, 2012 by Sample kit

    The problem that I had with the sample kit was, what was what. I had to count LEDs to figure out what was what. There are no ID numbers on any of the strips.
  31. Light Sample Kit

    Reviewed on January 17, 2012 by Terrence

    I requested white power adapter and DC splitter cables from the sales associate I spoke to on the phone... to be able to visualize in a project I'm working on. I got black in the kit, not really a big deal. The sample strips should be longer though... maybe a 1' to clearly estimate light output. Overall though, not a bad kit to see all LED strip types.

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Reviewing LED Tape Light Sample Kit

Click here to download an installation guide PDF for this product.

Tape Light Voltage: 12V DC
Environment: indoor/dry location
Certifications: ETL Listed
Beam Angle: 120°

SKU type color color temp. lumens power use/ft. CRI
EL-12V-AUR-115-IN-2000K-16 FLUID VIEW very warm white 2000k 115 1.44W 70
EL-12V-FV30-8016 FLUID VIEW warm white 3000k 100 1.44W 80+
EL-12V-BL30-8016 BLAZE warm white 3000k 200 2.88W 80+
EL-12V-BL42-8016 BLAZE neutral white 4200k 200 2.88W 80+
EL-12V-BL63-8016 BLAZE cool white 6300k 200 2.88W 80+
EL-12V-DB30-8009 DOUBLE BLAZE warm white 3000k 400 5.75W 80+
EL-12V-ASP-90-IN-WW-16 ASPECT warm white 3000k 90 1.44W 70
  1. I am looking for an easy to install, low profile, under counter light system. Your system seems to fit what I am looking for. I am installing the plug-in outlet above the cabinets, out of sight, but I would like to control the lighting from a dimmer switch at counter top level. Because your lights are 12V, I assume that the dimmer switch will not work on your system. Is that correct?

    From Felix at 6/21/13 1:26 PM

    If you would like to use an Electronic Dimmer Switch, we have the Reign LED Dimmer Switches, which may be powered using one of our Electronic Non-Dimmable 12V Drivers.
    If you have or wish to use a Magnetic Low-voltage Dimmer switch, we offer Magnetic low-voltage 12V Dimmable Drivers that are compatible with many models of these switches. Below is a list of magnetic low-voltage dimmer switches that are compatible with our Dimmable Drivers.
    • Ariadni (model #AYLV-600P, -603P)
    • Control 4 Wireless Dimmer (model #C4-DIM1-Z)
    • Diva (#DVLV-10P, -103P, -600P, -603P; DVSCLV-10P, -103P, -600P, -603P)
    • Glyder (#GLV-600V)
    • Maestro Wireless (#MRF2-6ND-120)
    • Nova (#NLV-600, -603P, -1000, -1003P, -1500, -1503P)
    • RadioRA2 (#RRD-10ND)
    • Skylark (#SLV-600P, -603P)
    • Skylark Contour (#CT-103P, -103PH)
    • Vareo (#V-600, -1000)
    • Vierti (#VT-1000MN)

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