BLAZE 12V Wet Location LED Strip Light


  • Very High Output
  • Bright task lighting
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • UL Listed

BLAZE 12V Wet Location LED Strip Light

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BLAZE™ 12V Wet Location LED Strip Light is a super bright LED strip light with twice as many LED chips as our FLUID VIEW™ LED Strip Light, and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This ETL Listed is packed with high power SMD LEDs that make a brighter, cheaper and warmer light than any fluorescent fixture. BLAZE LED light provides an adequate level of brightness for most business and home task lighting applications, and is one of our most popular strips.

This energy-efficient outdoor LED strip light is optimal for high traffic indoor home and commercial lighting situations. Its polymer housing protects the strip against liquids, humidity and dust, and can be wiped clean with a sponge. Common applications include:

  • Kitchen and bathroom lighting
  • Restaurant and bar workspace lighting
  • Workshop, garage, and basement lighting
  • Decks, patios, greenhouses, and landscaping
  • Close application task lighting in high traffic areas
  • Interior and exterior sign and signage light

Each spool of BLAZE strip light includes 6 mounting clips, 12 screws, 5 end caps, and 1 Waterproof Solder Connector Pair.


(Product SKUs: DI-12V-0160, DI-12V-0161)


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SKU Product Name Availability Price
DI-12V-0160 BLAZE 12V Wet Location LED Strip Light - 3000k (warm white) - 9.5 ft. spool In stock $224.99
DI-12V-0161 BLAZE 12V Wet Location LED Strip Light - 6300k (cool white) - 9.5 ft. spool In stock $224.99
  1. Undercabinet LED lighting

    Reviewed on October 16, 2012 by David

    Bought this to go under my cabinets over my cooktop and surrounding countertop work areas. Plenty of light for all of my cooking functions. Perfect!

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Reviewing BLAZE 12V Wet Location LED Strip Light

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Not for use in chlorinated water, salt water, or treated water.

Spool Length: 9.5 ft.
Width: 0.4 in.
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Energy Consumption per foot: 2.88W / 240mA
Max. Length on one run: 16.4 ft.
Beam Angle: 120°
Environment: indoor/outdoor, wet or dry location
Certifications: UL Listed, ETL Listed, RoHS

color color temp. lumens CRI
warm white 3000k 236 70
cool white 6300k 190 70
  1. CORONIS 240 Waterproof High Output LED Strip Light

    What are Ambient Operating Temp & ixture Surface Temp?
    I see fixture surface temp -4F ~ 122F in the specs. I live in Minnesota where temperatures can go -20F to -30F once in a while.
    Will this strip work on exteriors as a permanent application, in such weather conditions? What is the impact of severe cold on LEDs?

    I am looking for a strip to lit front exterior view of my home. And I would like to keep it there permanently, unlike traditional string lights.

    From Raghav at 10/30/13 8:16 AM
    LEDs actually work best in cold temperature environments. LEDs main enemy is heat, so having a cold climate or condition would be most effective. The temperatures we have listed are our tested results. I have heard of LEDs operating well below 0° F without issue. LEDs should work as long as electricity can flow. In a severe cold environment electricity can be slowed and not travel as far, typically resulting in voltage drop. We have used these types of LED strip lights for outdoor projects all over the Northern US and Canada and have never had an issue with cold reported.

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