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CORONIS 240 High Output LED Strip Light


  • Bright task lighting
  • Very High Output
  • Low energy use
  • ETL Listed

CORONIS 240 High Output LED Strip Light

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Orig. $15.99

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Our CORONIS™ 240 High Output LED Strip Light is super bright LED strip lighting that has twice as many LED chips as our AURIS™ 115 LED Strip Light. This high output bright LED strip makes a less expensive and warmer light than any fluorescent or incandescent fixture. This clearance product is available while supplies last. Clearance items are warrantied but non-returnable.

The energy efficiency, flexible design, and high intensity of bright LED strip lighting make it optimal for these indoor home and commercial lighting situations:

  • Kitchen cabinet, under cabinet, and shelf lighting
  • Exhibits, presentations, and project lighting
  • Close application task lighting
  • Cove and interior accent lighting
  • Shop windows, window displays, and display case lights
  • Light boxes, interior sign and signage light

Some of the features of CORONIS™ 240 LED Light include:

  • RoHS certified
  • Dimmable
  • Can be dimmed with our 12V Magnetic Dimmable Driver and a 120V AC dimmer
  • Can be dimmed with our REIGN® Wall Mount LED Dimmer and our 12V Constant Voltage Driver
  • Energy-efficient, using only 2.88 Watts of electricity per foot
  • Low voltage LEDs diminish the chances of electrical shock and fire danger
  • Estimated life of 50,000 hours, which is 8 years if left constantly on
  • Easy to install, with 3M sticky back adhesive


(Product SKUs: DI-12V-COR-240-IN-WW-100, DI-12V-COR-240-IN-WW-16, DI-12V-COR-240-IN-WW-1, DI-12V-COR-240-IN-NW-16, DI-12V-COR-240-SLM-NW-16, DI-12V-COR-240-IN-CW-100, DI-12V-COR-240-IN-CW-16, DI-12V-COR-240-IN-CW-1, DI-12V-COR-77-IN-RED-100, DI-12V-COR-77-IN-RED-1, DI-12V-COR-126-IN-GRE-100, DI-12V-COR-126-IN-GRE-1, DI-12V-COR-36-IN-BLU-100, DI-12V-COR-36-IN-BLU-1.)


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SKU Product Name Availability Price
EL-12V-COR-240-IN-WW-1 CORONIS 240 LED Strip Light - 3000k (warm white) - by the foot In stock $13.27
EL-12V-COR-240-IN-WW-16 CORONIS 240 LED Strip Light - 3000k (warm white) - 16.4 ft. spool Limited stock $174.29
EL-12V-COR-240-IN-WW-100 CORONIS 240 LED Strip Light - 3000k (warm white) - 100 ft. spool In stock $995.99
  1. Under cabinet lighting

    Reviewed on January 27, 2014 by Jonathan

    These lights are super bright and very easy to install. I will definitly be ordering more when I get around to my other task lighting projects.
  2. Good Goods

    Reviewed on December 28, 2013 by Geo.

    Excellent application support on the phone, well made item. I used a 5' strip to light a tall kitchen cabinet with swing out shelves. If anything the "high output" gave too much light. Certainly not too little.
  3. Fabulous Under Cabinet Lighting

    Reviewed on December 4, 2013 by Rick

    I put these in a year ago when I remodeled my kitchen. Of all the parts of the project, this gave me the most satisfaction. The light is just great under cabinet reflecting off the new granite. Lots of light. My wife wanted much more light in the kitchen, and these really help make a difference. Put them on a dimmer switch and it works great. Also, great customer service. I used the previous version of the plug connector on one part of the installation. Over time, that connection failed and I was ready to buy a new connector and new lights because they weren't working. Called and spoke about the problem and was sent a new connector that solved the problem at no charge! Thanks Elemental! Great products... great service.
  4. "Warm White" not very warm

    Reviewed on July 23, 2013 by Neil

    Lights are fine and work well (went with the 12v 60w dimmable power supply from Elemental) - the "Warm White" LEDs at 2700k color temp are far more 'cool' (eg higher 'k') and they appear to be closer to 4000-4500k color temperature. Overall the product is easy to work with.
  5. Great product

    Reviewed on July 4, 2013 by Donald

    Easy to work with.
  6. Wonderful and easy to work with

    Reviewed on July 4, 2013 by Donald

    Very easy to work with.
  7. Technical Help has been Outstanding

    Reviewed on May 31, 2013 by clark

    Technical assistance offered to call me on the phone when does that ever happen!! Dan is the man, solved all of my installation questions on the phone, none of this back and forth typing. Done in 10 minutes. OUTSTANDING!!! Worth the extra bucks!
  8. Performance

    Reviewed on April 25, 2013 by Harutun

    Product's performance exceeded my expectations. It is outstanding.
  9. customer service

    Reviewed on September 27, 2012 by Kansas

    The lights look and work great and the customer service was outstanding. If you have questions or just need help Daniel Kidd is the go to guy.
    Thank Daniel for all your help and patience.
  10. Great Lights

    Reviewed on September 19, 2012 by Bart

    The lighting is perfect for our new kitchen. Easily concealed and smooth operation with the 12 dimmable driver. However, I recommend soldering wires at joints and not using the clip-on connectors as they are sometimes difficult to maintain a connection. Not a showstopper though and I'm pleased with the overall results.
  11. Elemental LED has fantastic service

    Reviewed on September 19, 2012 by Gregg

    Mine's a long story and I apologize for abbreviating the actual product review. I had problems with my installation because of a mix up in my order - a missed match between the strips and connectors. Elemental LED was extremely helpful and made sure my problem was solved. Their service was friendly, helpful and quick. As for the product... It works great. We installed these under the upper cabinets in our kitchen. They replaced our old halogen under-cabinet lights and give off a much nicer light and don't burn out every few months. The installation went pretty easy, once we were straightened out by Elemental LED's customer service.
  12. Great lights for aquariums

    Reviewed on July 26, 2012 by Larry

    Wanted to supplement some LED light fixtures for my aquarium and these lights were just what I needed. Now the aquarium is bright and sparkling.
  13. Excellent Lighting

    Reviewed on July 12, 2012 by Richard

    Ordered a 2 ft amber LED flexible lighting strip to use in an electronics project. Cut the strip into two equal lengths per the instructions and installed on metal panel using the adhesive backing, connecting to potentiometer using "Flexible LED Strip Light Splice Connector" (see related review). Very pleased with the result! The LEDs function perfectly from max bright to dim to off.
  14. Lots of light

    Reviewed on June 22, 2012 by John

    Very bright.
  15. Just what I was looking for!

    Reviewed on May 9, 2012 by Debbie

    I have a lighted work table that just wasn't bright enough so we purchased the High Density LED lights and they are awesome!! Brightness for any need you have! Thank you!
  16. Rock Solid

    Reviewed on January 25, 2012 by Jim

    Rock solid product, easy to install and looks fantastic. The hardest part of the job was figuring out where to pull electricity from. Everything else was a breeze!
  17. High Density Flexible LED Strip

    Reviewed on January 2, 2012 by Jennifer

    Highly recommended. We installed the lights under the cabinets in our kitchen with recommended dimmer switch. I love these lights because the provide plenty of light with great coverage of the work space because you can cut the tape to pretty much any length. Tape adheres very well to cabinets. Connections are easy to make with recommended connectors.
  18. very bright

    Reviewed on December 20, 2011 by Mike

    These LED strip lights are very bright
  19. Gemstone cabinet lighting

    Reviewed on November 26, 2011 by Laurel Becker

    I needed speciality lighting in odd sizes--this was positively the place to come to!! The Tech I talked to was very helpful (and patient!) . The lighting is absolutely perfect. The whole set-up was a snap to put together --though I did manage to pull too hard and break one of the connectors--still works though. I have been recommending this product to all of my friends and am just waiting for Cyber-Monday to order my next set!
  20. Double Check Your Order...Before and After!!

    Reviewed on November 13, 2011 by Steve

    I ordered 11-foot of white HSF LED's. They sent me 10.9ft in COPPER. Luckily they have great customer service and they refunded the difference. Also, make sure you calculate the correct wattage for your strip and get the next size up ballast/driver. Anything too close to 80% will overheat and the strip will flash. There are better deals on drivers if you search.
  21. Perfect Even Lighting

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Dan Nelson

    I just installed the high density flexible led strip light (warm white) for a customer and, WOW! We used it on the top of a wall of book cases and it shed a perfect amount of EVEN light. This product was very easy to work with and I especially liked being able to cut it to an exact length. As a LICENSED ELECTRICIAN, I have worked with many lighting products and I can say 100% that I will be installing this product in the home that my wife and I are currently building.
  22. Amazing Product

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Dan

    Installed as under cabinet lighting in kitchen remodel. The lights are not as bright as I anticipated, but provide adequate task lighting. The neutral white looks warmer and more diffuse when installed further away from the back splash, about an inch away from the light trim. The light tends to look higher K the closer it is to the wall. Also used the Reign dimmer switch which needs 12 V wiring from transformer to wall switch but works smoothly without any flicker. Elemental sales/customer service is excellent. They patiently answered all my questions, and were very helpful configuring my order. The lights were shipped out the next day, and arrived promptly. Will look for more LED options here for my home!
  23. Beautiful Under Cabinet Lighting

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Dan

    Provided slightly more than enough light for my under cabinet/bar lighting. I installed them facing the black splash (Unfilled travertine tile) to avoid the glare that would result from the polished granite counter top. Ordered the neutral white, a little higher K than expected, but no blue tinge so I am very happy.

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Reviewing CORONIS 240 High Output LED Strip Light

Click here to download an installation guide PDF for this product.

Compatible with 8mm single color CLICKTIGHT™ Connectors
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Energy Consumption per ft.: 2.88W / 242mA
Max. Length on one run: 16.4 ft.
Environment: Indoor / dry location
Warranty: 5 year limited
Certifications: ETL Listed

color color temp. lumens per ft. IP rating beam angle CRI
warm white 3000k 240 40 120° 70
neutral white 4200k 240 40 120° 70
cool white 6300k 240 40 120° 70
  1. Hi
    in wire diagrams fifth one down with the 3 series of leds you have 16 and 18 gauge wire shown.

    How long could each of the three strips be? full 16.4 feet (50w)

    Where are the power supply specs? and the costs?

    Is the 600w driver dimable if the dimmer is a magnetic low voltage on the ac side?
    Can I cut the strip put in stranded 16 gauge wire to do turns?



    From walt at 10/19/13 2:18 PM
    We do not recommend extending one linear run of LED Strip Lights longer than 16-20 feet long. After about 20 feet of Strip Light, you will start to encounter Voltage Drop. We recommend wiring any additional lengths of 16-20 feet of Strip Light back to the power source separately, so that they are wired in "parallel." This will ensure that no Voltage Drop occurs.

    The Driver's Specs, Technical Information, and Prices are located on the Driver pages located here:
    http://www.elementalled.com/12v-driver.html http://www.elementalled.com/12v-indoor-driver.html

    The 600 watt Driver is a non-dimmable Electronic Driver. In order to dim with a driver like this, you could use a Low-Voltage Electronic Dimmer Switch like our Reign LED Dimmer Switch.
    We have 300 watt Dimmable Drivers available. If you want to use a Lutron Dimmer Switch you will want to use a Magnetic Low-Voltage 12V Dimmable Driver. Here is a list of Low-Voltage Magnetic Dimmer Switches that we have tested and know are 100% compatible with our Dimmable Drivers.

    • Ariadni (model #AYLV-600P, -603P)
    • Diva (#DVLV-10P, -103P, -600P, -603P; DVSCLV-10P, -103P, -600P, -603P)
    • Maestro Wireless (#MRF2-6ND-120)
    • Nova (#NLV-600, -603P, -1000, -1003P, -1500, -1503P)
    • RadioRA2 (#RRD-10ND)
    • Skylark (#SLV-600P, -603P)
    • Skylark Contour (#CT-103P, -103PH)
    • Vareo (#V-600, -1000)
    • Vierti (#VT-1000MN)

    Note* These Drivers require that they be installed with a Low-Voltage Magnetic Dimmer Switch. Installing them either without a Switch, or on an On/Off Switch may result in damage to the Driver and/or the LED lights.

    Yes, you may certainly use 16 gauge wire to create any connections and/or turns within your installation. You may either solder them onto the Strips, or use one of our Clicktight Strip Light Splice Connectors to connect to the Strip Light.

    Thank you

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