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GLITTER LED Christmas Lights


  • 50% OFF
  • Multi-color
  • Warm White
  • Plug and Play
  • Indoor/Outdoor

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GLITTER LED Christmas Lights are low-voltage LED holiday lighting for any space outdoors or indoors. These Christmas light strings, available in a traditional-looking warm white or a festive multi-color, are perfect for all your holiday decorating needs. They are a great replacement for standard and LED Christmas lights and plug directly into a wall outlet. They feature ultra-compact LED bulbs with a cylinder/conical shape that helps them glitter even more than traditional incandescent Christmas lights. Mounted on green wire, they blend in with indoor and outdoor Christmas trees, bushes and greenery. This clearance product is available while supplies last. Clearance items are warrantied but non-returnable.

GLITTER LED Christmas lights are easy to use and will blend in with whatever festive setting you have in mind. They are available in 33.5-foot sections that for decorating trees, mantles, centerpieces, rooms, displays and other holiday decorations.

Features of these LED string lights include:

  • Low heat so they’re safe
  • Plug directly into a wall outlet
  • 33.5-foot sections that can be daisy-chained together
  • Daisy-chain up to 40 strings in a row!
  • Plug and play
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SKU Product Name Availability Price
EL-HOL-STR-CON-WP-34-RGB GLITTER LED Christmas Lights - 33.5 feet - Multi-Color In stock $12.99
EL-HOL-STR-CON-WP-34-WW GLITTER LED Christmas Lights - 33.5 feet - Warm White In stock $12.99
  1. LED Christmas Lights are Great

    Reviewed on December 11, 2014 by Jeff

    I'm really enjoying the Glitter lights. I bought the multi-colored and the white light strands, and both are beautiful. Best of all, they're low-energy and low heat.

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Reviewing GLITTER LED Christmas Lights

Input Voltage: 120V AC
Connector Type: 120V AC plug
Max Daisy-Chain: 40
Weight: 1.1 lb.
Length: 33.5 ft.
Bulb Diameter: 0.2 in.
LED bulb Spacing: 3.5 in.
UV/IR Radiation: None

  1. What is done to specifically make them waterproof.

    From eric at 12/4/13 5:43 PM
    To ensure that the Glitter Holiday Lights remain waterproof, it would be recommended that you seal the connection where the Strands connect to their power.
    ex. Heat Shrink Tubing or Electrical Tape wrapped around the connection where your extension cord connects to the Strand. This is to prevent any water from seeping into the place where the Strand is connected.

    Thank you

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