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AURIS 115 LED Strip Light


  • Multi-use strip light
  • Close task or ambient lighting
  • ETL Listed

AURIS 115 LED Strip Light

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The AURIS™ 115 LED Strip Light is our most versatile strip light. It’s flexible, field cuttable, dimmable, comes in a range of color temperatures, and is extremely low-profile. This LED tape light delivers high quality light output for accent and task lighting, whether it’s shelves, coves, or countertops, in restaurants, bars or residential applications. The medium level of lumen output means you get just the right amount of light, with huge energy savings, for many applications. This clearance product is available while supplies last. Clearance items are warrantied but non-returnable.

The flexible design of the AURIS™ 115 LED Strip Light makes it ideal for:

  • cove lighting
  • interior lighting
  • exhibit lighting
  • kitchen-cabinet lighting
  • project lighting
  • close application task lighting

The AURIS 115 is dimmable, so it can be adjusted to the perfect level of brightness for your installation. Customers have a couple of options for dimming this LED tape light: using our 12V Inline Dimmer Switch with a 12V Adapter; a REIGN® Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switch with our 12V Constant Voltage Driver; or powering the strip with one of our 12V Magnetic Dimmable Drivers, which allows you to use a 120V AC magnetic low voltage dimmer.



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SKU Product Name Availability Price
EL-12V-AUR-115-IN-WW-1 AURIS 115 LED Strip Light - 3000k (warm white) - by the foot Limited Stock $6.99
EL-12V-AUR-115-IN-WW-100 AURIS 115 LED Strip Light - 3000k (warm white) - 100 foot spool Limited Stock $489.99
  1. Great Product - Multiple Applications

    Reviewed on November 16, 2014 by William Stockho

    This is the perfect lighting for under shelf, cabinet displays, display case lighting and more. The light is not too harsh, but bright enough to illuminate a large cabinet with ease. I have used successfully around the house to dress up cabinets and more. Easy to install with accessories available, and the price is good too.
  2. Great light, endless mounting options

    Reviewed on May 13, 2014 by John Gillis

    Make sure you order a few feet extra to account for unforeseen mounting issues. I added some length to the output of the 12V transformer wire using low-voltage primary wire, the opposite end of which I soldered directly to the terminals of the Auris light strip. As another reviewer stated, the adhesive is very strong and allows for readjustment if you make an initial mistake during mounting (try not to, though). The clickable bend connectors to connect multiple strip pieces in different locations/oriented in different planes hide well in upper and bottom inside corners of kitchen cabinets. As other reviewers have stated, the clickable bend splice connectors do work but could be improved.

    Planning is essential for this product. It requires thought and non-trivial labor if your application calls for stringing multiple strip pieces. The Elemental LED staff is very responsive to your application and will suggest a parts list but you need to consult with an electrician or have basic electrical knowledge.
  3. Would definitely recommend!

    Reviewed on November 18, 2013 by Alisa

    We consider ourselves very fortunate that we found your product! Our new under-cabinet strip lighting was so incredibly easy to install, it is super bright, and I expect these will last for years and years and years! We purchased with the dimmer switch, and highly recommend it, as well! FANTASTIC customer service as well. You've earned my business!
  4. Beautiful lighting!

    Reviewed on May 10, 2013 by James

    Perfect amount of light for under the counter. Put it on their 12v dimmer and driver and it makes the perfect combination of task and mood lighting. If you are worried about it sticking, don't fret. I first cleaned under my cabinet with alcohol and it stuck perfectly to the particle board. I can't recommend it enough.
  5. So Easy!

    Reviewed on November 16, 2012 by Michele

    I am not an electrician but was able to put this product together in less than 5 minutes. It is fantastic. I installed it in our company's lobby display case and it looks like a museum display. Worth every penny. One thing I didn't expect is how bright these darn little things are. I may have to buy the dimmer!
  6. Must have

    Reviewed on November 14, 2012 by Scott

    I installed this under the cabinets and it was easy to install and they were the must have finish the kitchen needed. They make the kitchen look great and give much needed light to the sink area.
  7. Light weight solution; great customer service

    Reviewed on September 6, 2012 by Sabra

    Purchased for lighting underside of floating bath vanity. My contractor found installation easy. Color of light was bluer (more fluorescent) than I had preferred, so I probably should have ordered the "white balance" package. Customer service was prompt and professional.
  8. Love It!

    Reviewed on August 7, 2012 by Rex

    We used these to light up our IKEA Detolf glass cabinets and found that 1 strip perfectly fits, no cutting required. It lights it up like a store display. We used the neutral white and put it on a dimmer switch. Nowadays you see people using lighting behind their TVs. At the dim setting since the glass cabinets are next to the TV it has the same effect. At the brightest setting these 2 strips can light up the whole room on their own.

    The people here are great to work with. Originally it was my wife that found them and chatted with them about what we'd need and she knows nothing at all about electrical and lighting. They explained what parts she'd need and how to hook it up. When we picked up the parts he even made sure we knew how to connect everything together. Will definitely come back to them for my next lighting project.
  9. Great

    Reviewed on July 18, 2012 by glenn

    Used LED strip light in a set of built-in cabinets surrounding fireplace, it looks great. I use them every night instead of table or overhead lights in the room. Easy to install...will be using again in on going kitchen renovation.
  10. As Advertised..............!!!

    Reviewed on May 16, 2012 by Gary

    I purchased the 12Vdc Natural White LED, Self-Adhesive strip light. I used the LEDs for under cabinet lighting in a kitchen remodel. While I purchased the natural white, cool white may have been a better choice for my project as it more represents the color of the light emitted from the pre-exiting recessed lighting in the ceiling of the kitchen. (There is a noticeable difference in the color between the two light sources.)
    I chose to primer, then paint the underside of the cabinet (satin black) prior to attaching the LEDs as the self-adhesive of the LED strip did not stick well to the unfinished wood surface of the cabinet base. This would be true with most adhesives so I don't fault the LED strip for this. Once painted, the LED strip adheres quite well, no complaints.
    I cut the roll at the appropriate cut locations to obtain individual lengths required for each cabinet (several locations throughout the kitchen and bar) followed by soldering my wires which exited the wall from under the cabinet, directly to the strip as I had no desire to use unsightly interconnects. There were no problems soldering. (Be sure to use a proper sized solder tip, one for small electronics not a large tip for large wire. Also, pull back the adhesive protector far enough to be sure to identify the Pos vs. Neg solder tabs to insure correct polarity.)
    I used a AC dimmer switch prior to the transformer, yet I find I only dim the LEDs to create a night time ambiance. Had I purchased the high density LED strip, I may have found it necessary to dim the LEDs during normal use.
    All LEDs worked as advertised, the strip appears to create even lighting, it is adhearing well to the painted surface, and my wife is quite happy with the finished product Thanks....!!!
  11. Very Happy with Strip LED

    Reviewed on May 9, 2012 by James

    I installed these under the upper cabinets in my kitchen. VERY easy to install and very happy with the final results. I like these much better than all of the other under-cabinet options out there. Wiring was easy since they're low voltage and the connections were a snap!
  12. Holy Cow!

    Reviewed on March 29, 2012 by Cason

    These little guys do great work! They illuminate perfectly, however they don't connect to the splice connector all that well. It sticks nicely. It illuminates nicely. Just have trouble keeping a good connection to the splice connector. Soldering may be better.
  13. Easier than expected.

    Reviewed on March 19, 2012 by Frank

    I procrastinated over a year after gathering all the components, should have jumped in with both feet. Easy to install, great outcome.

    Reviewed on January 19, 2012 by Bob

    I was looking for a low profile light for my kitchen remodel, found lighting on an another website that would suit my needs but would have cost three times as much. They did not have any installation information at all. Elemental LED has it all for a third of the price ! Videos, wiring diagrams it is the prefect solution for the DIYer. This product is very easy to install (hard wired) , best of all my wife loves it. Thank You Elemental LED.
  15. In the dark..needed help!

    Reviewed on October 21, 2011 by J. Lynn

    Was looking for affordable lighting for a project I was working on for a retail project. Found it here with several choices and ease of use. Extremely helpful sales person (James) and have ordered more product after 2 days and will continue to purchase in the future.
  16. Does the Job and Then Some

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Guest

    I purchased a roll of the low-power LED strip in natural white to light the wife's collection of Delft's Blue ceramic ware.
    A five-foot strip applied to each inside front corner of the six-foot-high display cabinet provides uniform lighting; the collection has never looked so good.
  17. Bright!

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Guest

    I ordered two full rolls of Flexible LED Strip Light (Neutral White) and one power supply (60W). I am using this setup for custom-made furniture and future projects that I am currently designing and building. But I've just tried them to see how bright they are!!! Wow, they are so bright that I'll probably only use half of what I thought I would use for my whole project. They are extremely bright, and the Neutral White is exactly what I was looking for. Definitely a real white (close to blue spectrum), and I will definitely be able to use them all over my house for cool lighting everywhere.
    Furthermore, I was extremely amazed on how quick the shipping was. It took 3 days to make its way from California to Canada...just amazing. Frankly, I thought it would take at least a few weeks. I would definitely buy from you guys again and would recommend your site to anyone.
  18. Totally Helpful

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Guest

    This Web site, and the guys who run it make things so clear. I bought the LED strip lighting, and a couple of adapters to plug my lights into, and they worked like a charm. Homemade light boxes! Perfect for artists!
  19. Wow!! You guys are terrific.

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Guest

    Wow!! You guys are terrific. Your Web site was easy to navigate, making it a snap to decide which products I needed; and the parts I ordered arrived timely and when you said they would; And the lights look great; AND you even attached the strip connector to the flexible light strip (so I didn't have to fuss my way through it). Wow!! You'll definitely remain my source for these types of product!!
  20. Thanks

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Guest

    The order arrived on time, just 2 days after I placed the order. The LED strip was super easy to install and the (soft) light was exactly what was needed for the project. Part of the strip was used to illuminate a part of a video editing desk. The balance of the strip is awaiting another project.
  21. Flexible LED Strips

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Guest

    I am an electrical contractor and have been looking for a product like yours. I just installed it and am very happy with the results. I found it easy to install and perfect for the application. I used it for undercounter lighting at a client's house, and they, too ,were happy. I will be ordering more for future projects.
  22. Outstanding!

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Guest

    My company is using this for a display case, and we're very pleased.
  23. Outstanding Product

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Guest

    Finally, a company that is ready for the next generation of lighting. The flexibility for applications is endless. I used the 'Warm White' lighting as an under cabinet light source. The product is fantastic! One strip under the cabinets provided just the right amount of light evenly distributed.
  24. Great features

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Guest

    I searched for a long time to find this stuff. I was immediately pleased by the minimalist look this gives. Once this is easily installed, you never have to think about it again. Product seems very well constructed even though there are very few parts. Scalability of the product is excellent. A snip of the scissors, and you have the length you need. The ease of soldering these together is also excellent. The included 3M adhesive-backed tape is very adequate to secure this to any surface. I had to pull back a section to re-align it, and I was surprised how secure it was.
  25. The total package!

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Guest

    Customer service is outstanding. The sales/management team were able to answer all my questions and helped provide me with the product I needed. They clearly go above and beyond the competition (if there is any).

    Thanks ElementalLED. I will be using this product again.
  26. Eco-Friendly Lighting

    Reviewed on September 27, 2011 by Guest

    This is the greatest eco-friendly lighting I have ever seen. As you already know, it consumes very little energy and emits a great amount of light. Perfect for under cabinets.

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Reviewing AURIS 115 LED Strip Light

Click here to download an installation guide PDF for this product.

Compatible with 8mm single color CLICKTIGHT Connectors
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Energy Consumption per ft.: 1.44W / 120mA
Max. Length on one run: 16.4 ft.
Beam Angle: 120°
Environment: indoor / dry location
Warranty: 12V DC
Certifications: ETL Listed, RoHS

color color temp. lumens per ft. CRI
warm white 3000k 115 70
neutral white 4200k 115 70
cool white 6300k 115 70
  1. how do they turn on and off?

    From atomiclog at 7/16/13 10:45 AM

    The AURIS 115 LED Strip Light needs a on/off or dimmer switch to control the power of the strip.
    Below is a link that has compatible dimmer switches.


    Thank you.
  2. How do I connect several 1 ft light strips together to make a 3ft long light strip? Also, if I need to then skip a couple of feet but then have another light installed, what do I need to connect the pieces?

    From Jen at 12/7/13 8:16 AM
    When the strip is ordered it is priced by the foot. If you purchase 3ft, you will receive a 3 ft long section of strip light. This strip is field cuttable and only requires a scissor to snip along the designated cut points(every 2 inches). There are other ways to connect sections of strips by way of our accessories: http://www.elementalled.com/remote-control-inline-led-dimmer-switch.html

    Strip to Strip Connectors (connecting severed strips back together)

    Splice Connectors ( connecting to bare wires, starting a run)

    Bending Extension (spanning a gap or range)

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