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CHROMAPATH Aluminum Channels


  • 48 and 96 In. Lengths
  • Cuttable channels
  • Rigid, dustproof housing
  • Surface-mount
  • Some accessories included

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CHROMAPATH® Aluminum Channels protect and provide light diffusion for our indoor LED tape lights. Note: only 48 inch sections of CHROMAPATH Channel are sold on this page. The Slim, 45°, and Square models are also available in 96 inch lengths (not available online - call for pricing and to order.)

CHROMAPATH Channels provide a rigid, dustproof housing that can be mounted on virtually any flat surface. These channels can be custom cut, as well as mounted end to end to any total length. These sturdy but lightweight matte finish anodized aluminum channels help create sleek, completely customized LED tape lighting installations.

CHROMAPATH Aluminum Channels are available in these shapes:

  • Square: for most general applications
  • 45°: allows for mounting in a corner so that light shines at a 45° angle
  • Duo: two parallel rows for high output installations
  • Slim: a very low profile shape for shallow or recessed applications

Each channel accommodates a CHROMAPATH Channel Cover (sold separately). Choose a frosted Channel Cover to diffuse and soften the illumination from the LED strip light, or a clear Channel Cover to shield the LED strip light from dust without diffusing the light. This cover is easy to install: just slide it into the existing slot in the channel.

48 Inch CHROMAPATH Channels come with these accessories:

  • 2 End Caps, one notched open cap and one closed (4 End Caps are included with 45° shape, 2 open and 2 closed)
  • 2 Interconnectors to help install multiple channels in a smooth, flush sequence (Not included with Slim shape)
  • 4 Mounting Clips for mounting channels on a flat, horizontal or vertical surface (Not included with Slim shape)

The unique track design of the channel means it’s easy to install, and you can make small adjustments to the channel position after installation. Just screw the clips into the surface first, then snap the channel into the clips.



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SKU Product Name Availability Price
DI-CPCHA-SQ48-A CHROMAPATH Aluminum Channel - Square In stock $18.99
DI-CPCHA-4548-A CHROMAPATH Aluminum Channel - 45 degree Limited Stock $24.99
DI-CPCHA-DU48-A CHROMAPATH Aluminum Channel - Duo In stock $27.99
DI-CPCHA-SL48-A CHROMAPATH Aluminum Channel - Slim In stock $15.99
  1. channel use

    Reviewed on June 11, 2015 by Richard

    easy to install , good protection for tape lights
  2. Very sharp looking

    Reviewed on August 9, 2014 by Dennis

    These are perfect and fit under the cabinet perfectly. Sharp appearance when you look under, otherwise you don't even notice. The entire package gives you the light you need without wires showing.
  3. Great Product, but...

    Reviewed on March 21, 2014 by Dave Innis

    I was disappointed to see that there were only enough end caps to do either end of each 4' section. I just ordered more lens covers yesterday. Now I have paid shipping for two orders and realize that I do not have enough end caps. I cut the light channels for multiple under cabinet areas. I think it would be helpful to include several sets of end caps with each 4' section to account for this. Any consideration in this matter would be appreciated.
  4. Rushed order

    Reviewed on December 30, 2013 by Jerome

    Great product, have paid three times this for same thing thru a lighting designer and they didn't have options for the covers, so nice product and great service as I needed them asap , think they showed up in two days which is great as I am in a remote location.
  5. Lookls great

    Reviewed on December 28, 2013 by Mike

    Looks great and mounts well. the end covers fit well and has an option to send the lighting wires out the end cap.
  6. new light strip channels

    Reviewed on September 10, 2013 by Dean

    New channels with built in bases for attachment are too deep to be used as is. I've had to cut off the attachment to keep the channel and light hidden from line of sight.
  7. Very well made

    Reviewed on July 4, 2013 by Gerald

    These are better made and sturdier than I expected. They have a high quality appearance and are easy to install. I installed 16 feet and am very happy with them.

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Reviewing CHROMAPATH Aluminum Channels

Note: only 48 inch sections of CHROMAPATH Channel are sold on this page. 96 inch lengths of the Slim, 45°, and Square models are also available (call for pricing and to order.)

Click here to download a specification sheet PDF for this product.

Click here to download an installation guide PDF for this product.

Please see the Wiring Diagrams tab for channel dimensions.

  1. If the mounting clips do not come (and are not compatible) with the slim channels how are the slim channels installed? Will they integrate with the Auris LED light strips as well as your channel covers?


    From etvanv at 3/2/14 11:08 AM
    The Slim Chromapath do not use mounting hardware due to it's low profile. We recommend 3M VHB tape(for sale on the website). This will still work with the Slim End Caps as well as either channel cover. It also fits all of our indoor strip lights we sell, including the Auris.

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