• Power supply included
  • Bendable shiny wire string
  • Super slim
  • Only 3.6 Watts


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Get unique, festive, low-voltage LED holiday lighting and Christmas LED lights with CELEBRIGHT! Multi-color, warm white or blue lights come on an attractive, shiny wire string. Bend the wire any way you like, the lights will stay in place. Plus, CELEBRIGHT™ is ultra-thin and low-profile, making it perfect for all your holiday decorating needs. Each CELEBRIGHT 20-foot kit includes a plug-in power supply.

These LED holiday lights are easy to use and will blend in with whatever festive setting you have in mind. CELEBRIGHT is sold in 20-foot sections that can be used to decorate indoor trees, mantles, centerpieces, rooms, displays and other holiday decorations. Unlike most holiday light strings, CELEBRIGHT features either silver or copper-colored wire that helps it sparkle, no matter where you use it.

CELEBRIGHT is slimmer than standard LED Christmas lights, featuring ultra-compact LED bulbs on thin coated wire. Each CELEBRIGHT 20-foot kit includes one DC plug, which connects directly to the included 12V DC Adapter.

Features of CELEBRIGHT LED lights include:

  • Ultra-thin and shiny
  • Low voltage 12V DC
  • Low heat so it's safe
  • 20 foot section uses only 3.6W of power
  • Plug and play

Quick specifications of the CELEBRIGHT:

  • For use only with the enclosed 12V power adapter. Do not plug Celebright directly into a power outlet!
  • One 20-foot section of CELEBRIGHT is powered with a 6 Watt Adapter. Do not use the included 6W Adapter to power more than one string of CELEBRIGHT.
  • Each string features only one DC plug. CELEBRIGHT strings cannot be daisy-chained.
  • Higher watt adapter and DC Splitter Plug required when connecting multiple sections of Celebright
  • For indoor use only
  • Not cuttable


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EL-HOLWIRE-B Celebright LED Holiday Lights - blue - 20 ft Limited Stock $19.99
  1. the coolest ever!

    Reviewed on April 25, 2012 by lisa j

    absolutely LOVE these. would love to replace all xmas lights with them... please keep these available and over time i will be adding more! would like to see white on silver wire, just fyi! THANKS for great products at reasonable prices...
  2. Love them!

    Reviewed on January 2, 2012 by Diane

    These lights are so easy to put on the tree, and so beautiful when lit. I'm getting rid of all my old-fashioned lights. Once you see these lights you'll want them!!!!!
  3. Nice addition

    Reviewed on December 2, 2011 by Jim

    These are great, bright as can be, and the 20' length is excellent. Lightweight, easy to place, and bright. Even in full daylight, they are awesome. Great product.
  4. Much better than I thought.

    Reviewed on October 29, 2011 by Jeff

    Celebright didn't seem like much, but when i strung it up it looked great! The wiring is so thin that it almost looks like the individual lights are just hanging in the air. I think I'll use it for other events, but I want more colors available. Thanks guys.

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Reviewing CELEBRIGHT LED Holiday Lights

Plug-In Power Supply Included

Input Voltage: 12V DC
Energy Consumption: 3.6W
Available Colors: warm white, blue, multi-color
Connector Type: female DC plug
Connector Length: 12 in.

Weight: 4 oz.
Length: 20 ft.
LED Chip Width: 0.063 in.
LED Chip Spacing: 3.75 in.
UV/IR Radiation: None
  1. Are the Celebright LED Holiday Lights weatherproof? Can they stay out year round? Thanks.

    From Guest at 12/9/11 7:23 AM
    The Celebright LED Lights are not weatherproof, they can handle most dust and debris but not moisture. You can use them year round in doors if you wish as they consume very low amounts of electricity.

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