APOLLO Jammer LED Music Controller


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APOLLO Jammer LED Music Controller

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The APOLLO Jammer™ is an audio interface and color controller that connects color-changing LED fixtures to an audio device so that the lights flash and change colors in response to music and other sounds. The Apollo Jammer is compatible with both DMX LED Wall Washers and RGB LED fixtures including color-changing strip lights, light bars and puck lights. It can connect to iPods and other portable music players, smart phones, radios, computers, and any other device with a 1/8 inch audio output (standard headphone jack). The APOLLO Jammer was engineered by Elemental for you to easily turn your music into a full color light show at an affordable price. This clearance item is available while supplies last. Clearance items are warrantied but non-returnable.

The Jammer features an intuitive 2-button control system: from the first button choose from nine different color and color-changing modes. From the second button, adjust the sensitivity until you get the level of intensity for the light response that you want.

The APOLLO Jammer comes with an 1/8 inch audio splitter that has an input for your audio player and an output to go to a speaker or headphones. The Jammer is a 12V device that can be plugged into the wall with the included 12V Adapter or powered by a portable 12V battery pack, so you can have a party anywhere in the house, in a car, or on the go. Get started with the Jammer right away with the included color-changing LED strip light. Click here to download the Jammer manual, which includes instructions and diagrams.

The APOLLO Jammer includes:

  • APOLLO Jammer DMX controller with PWM functionality
  • 12V DC plug-in-adapter
  • RCA plug to 3.5mm stereo jack adapter
  • Audio jack extension
  • Two-way audio splitter
  • 1 foot of Color-Changing LED Strip Light
  1. Okay Unit

    Reviewed on April 29, 2014 by Wesley

    Good enough for the price. The wiring for the light diodes from the control unit is very short. It has the promise of something a person can build upon for a decent lighting unit.
  2. most responsive light show ever

    Reviewed on December 6, 2013 by Oliver

    This unit is Amazing! I've never seek something so responsive, and it even seems to follow the phrasing of songs.

    The only downside is the shipping price (internationally) which doubles the expensive.
  3. Great controller!!

    Reviewed on June 12, 2012 by Will

    Use 2 of these little gems to control RGB LEDs and strobe for metal band. Getting awesome results.

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Reviewing APOLLO Jammer LED Music Controller

Click here to download the Jammer manual, which includes instructions and diagrams.

Weight: 2 oz.
Length: 5 in.
Width: 4 in.
Height: 1.5 in.
Voltage: 12V DC
Input: (1) 1/8 inch audio
Outputs: (1) DMX, (1) PWM, (1) 1/8 inch audio
Max. Output: 60W per channel

  1. Can any of the remotes work with this unit?

    From Guest at 5/24/12 7:56 AM
    The jammer is not compatible with the remotes. If you are looking for a remote controlled color controller you will want to choose the High Powered RF, Analog Controller, or the Wiser Color Controller.
  2. Would you recommend this for PC case lighting?

    From Guest at 8/5/12 11:24 AM
    It would be great for that! Just be sure to power it with 12V DC power only, and use in conjunction with RGB lights.
  3. What is the longest run I can do with this controller, looks like I should be able to do a whole 9.5ft spool of HD waterproof RGB right?

    From Guest at 10/28/12 3:29 PM
    The Apollo Jammer has a total output capacity of 60 watts per channel. This comes to a total of 240 watts. As long as the total wattage of your lights comes to below this number, you will be able to run them off of the Apollo Jammer. Should you require more wattage, you can use a RGB Signal Amplifiers to increase the wattage capacity of the Apollo Jammer.
    9.5 feet of HD Waterproof RGB LED Strip Light will use 46 watts, so will be well within the limits of the Apollo Jammers wattage capacity.

    Thank you.
  4. it bis possible to use Apollo Jammer with a battery lipo of 14.8v or it is better one of 11.1v. ?
    Can I connect it to an amplifier 20 W or higher ?

    From denis at 11/9/12 4:49 AM
    It would not be recommended to connect the Apollo Jammer to a 14.8v power source. They are engineered to function off of 12v DC. Any voltage above 13 volts will most likely damage the unit.
    Yes, you may use a higher wattage 12v DC power source if you like. Though it would not be recommended to use a Driver of 200 watts or higher with this unit without the use of an RGB Signal Amplifier as well.

    Thank you
  5. Can the jammer be programmable like the other DMX? If not how can I make use of all colors?

    From Collin at 5/17/13 8:30 PM
    The Jammer has 10 preset settings for it's audio reaction options. You may select any of these modes, but the unit itself is not programmable.
    If you are looking to program your lights via a DMX Color Controller, we may recommend the Apollo DMX Color Controller.

    Thank you.
  6. Can i use it to drive just white or single colour lights? Will it still handle 60W per channel?

    From Martin at 10/2/13 1:45 PM
    Yes you can use this on solid white/color LEDs. Keep in mind depending on the setting you have the Jammer programmed to. This will affect how these lights react. Mainly you are going to see flashing, and possibly some fading. If you use the Apollo in this regard then yes you can only power each channel Red Green and Blue to 60W each Max.

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