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Spring Sauna Company’s LED Sauna Lights

Spring Sauna LED sauna lights

The Spring Sauna Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado used our Cree Dimmable LED Puck Lights under the sink area in one of their recent dry sauna installations. Waterproof LED Strip Lights are also featured in this installation for the nice warm white cove lighting they provide. All of these lights are dimmable, so the light level can be adjusted according to what the sauna users would like and to complement the daylight coming in through the large picture window. Although our low voltage pucks are low heat, this is one of those rare installations where it doesn’t matter!

Springs Sauna Company is a provider of Authentic Finnish saunas, sauna parts and materials (heaters, doors, benches, wood panels, lights, accessories) and install their saunas across the United States. Thanks to Spring Sauna owner Jani Keinänen for photos of this beautiful LED installation.



5 Responses

  1. Admin says:

    Hi Ellen, thanks for your question. I am going to refer you to our Customer Service department so they can learn more about your project and point you in the right direction. Expect an email from them soon! Or you can contact them directly at, or live chat.

  2. Ellen Kalbus says:

    We have a Barrel sauna and are looking for some lighting which can be used in the sauna. The sauna is off the grid so we are looking for something that is battery operated which would tolerate heat and moisture. Do you carry any such lighting or can you recommend something.
    thank you Ellen

  3. Ilona says:

    -20° C (-68° F) to +80° C (+176° F) is the acceptable ambient temperature range for both our waterproof and non-waterproof strip lights. At the extreme ends of this range, users must be sure that the wiring is rated for these temperatures as well.

  4. Kim says:

    Please give me a quote at your earliest convenience for 14 feet of waterproof LED strip lighting to be used along the ceiling of a sauna, along w/ any other install necessities and prices. Thanks.

  5. Ray Bailey says:

    Can the weatherproof LED strip lights be used in a sauna at 150 degrees F?

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