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How long do LEDs last?

Properly used, most commercial LEDs have a lifetime of over 50,000 hours. This is because all LEDs, whether in LED light fixtures, installed as replacement bulbs, or in any other form, do not have a filament but rather rely on running electricity across a diode. The longest-lasting incandescent lighting has a lifetime of about 5,000 hours, while most are closer to 1,000 hours. Incandescent light bulbs push a great deal of electricity through the filament to get it very hot before it will emit light, and this process degrades the filament until it breaks or just stops working, at which point the light bulb is dead.

LED Light Fixtures Are Efficient and Long Living

LEDs are also far more difficult to break because they are built with fewer, less delicate components. And because LED light fixtures use less electricity to generate light and create no heat, they are not likely to wear out in anywhere near as short of time. But if they get too hot or too much current is pushed through them, they will degrade. Poorly installed LED lights can begin to lose light output after 30,000 or 40,000 hours. Of course, when installed with the right power converters, this will not happen and LEDs should last their full 50,000 hour lifetime.

2 Responses

  1. Ilona says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you for your question. Our LED Tess bulbs to not degrade sitting on the shelf unplugged. Many of our screw-in bulbs are rated for 40,000 hours of use. These bulbs will contain LED’s (Light Emmiting Diodes). Most or our other LED products outside of the LED Screw-In Bulb section are rated for 50,000 hours of usage. You should get consistent brightness from your product throughout the time frame of the lifespan rating with very minimal degradation if any at all. At the end of the lifespan time frame the LED’s will most likely start to slowly get dimmer. They shouldn’t immediately shut down. Hope that answers your question!

  2. Elizabeth Laboda says:

    Will these bulbs degrade sitting on the shelf?

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