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Do LEDs work with dimmer switches?

LED lights can function just as any other light does, including dimmability. Dimmable LED lights work with your existing fixtures.

While LED lights use significantly less power and last considerably longer than both traditional incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs, consumers do not always realize they can offer the same features as a traditional light bulb. Many of Elemental LED’s products offer dimmable LED light capabilities, and provide smooth, even, and bright light that will not flicker. With the right accessory you can operate your dimmable LED light bulbs with your existing fixtures or dimmer switch.

Dimmable LED replacement bulbs will fit into any fixture with either a standard E26/E27 base, which is the most common, standard bulb size in Europe and North America, or a typical candelabra-type base, and are rated to provide 50,000 hours of light.  Depending on your specific needs, there are dimmer drivers that will provide a steady low voltage power supply to your dimmable LED light fixtures without the hassle of rewiring or external fusing.

In addition to drivers that work with traditional dimmer switches, we also offer specially designed LED dimmer switches that fit seamlessly into standard wall light switch boxes. While these dimmer switches will only operate in conjunction with our standard 12V DC hard-wired drivers and plug-in adapters, they are easy to install into your existing switch box and are available in full slide, rocker slide, and button slide styles.

We realize that converting your light bulbs and fixture into low power, cost efficient LED lighting can seem intimidating, but we offer multiple solutions for you to install LED lighting in your home with ease. You do not need to sacrifice features and performance to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting; you can still dim your lights with dimmable LED lightbulbs and fixtures.

2 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    I replaced all of the bulbs in my kitchen with LEDs. The dimmer switch, which was old, had to be replaced after a few months. These switches do sometimes fail so it could be a coincidence.

  2. ljPatterson says:

    i have a older dimmer in my den, if i want to replace my old incandescent with a new led bulb, do i need to replace the dimmer when i use a new led bulb switch?

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