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Voltage Drop Charts

Voltage drop is defined as the amount of voltage loss that occurs through all or part of a circuit due to impedance. Wires, electrical components, and virtually anything carrying current will always have inherent resistance, or impedance, to current flow. The importance of voltage drop for LED based lighting is that an LED requires a Learn More

Color-Changing Wall Washer Installation and Programming
| November 7th, 2012
Category: RGB & Color-Changing, Tutorials, Waterproof

How to install, create waterproof connections between, and program Color-Changing LED Wall Washers using DMX addressing.

How to Make an Under Cabinet LED Light Installation with a Cabinet Gap
| March 29th, 2011
Category: Light Bars & Fixtures, Tutorials, Under Cabinet

Customers often ask us how to install under cabinet LED lights so that all of the light bars or strip light sections are on the same 12V power supply, while spanning a gap between cabinets. Here are some wiring diagrams that show you how to do this: the good news is, it’s simple! And you Learn More

How to Create a Large LED Light Installation
| January 28th, 2011
Category: Light Bars & Fixtures, Power Supply, Strip Lighting, Tutorials

For safety reasons and because of the nature of LED light fixture design, LED Strip Lights, Light Bars, and Module Light strings have recommended limitations for the length of run. But it’s relatively easy to make a safe but effective large LED installation by keeping in mind the tips in this guide.

How to Choose a Power Source for LED Lights
| June 7th, 2010
Category: Power Supply, Tutorials

Most of our LED light fixtures are 12V or 24V DC, and can be powered by either a plug-in adapter or a hard-wired power driver. To choose whether to use an adapter or driver for your LED light installation, here are some things to think about.

How to Make an Under Cabinet LED Light Installation

Here are instructions for how to make an under cabinet installation in a kitchen using a Waterproof LED Light Bar powered by a 12V DC adapter.

How to Connect a Light Bar or a Waterproof Strip to a Power Source

Instructions on how to connect all of our light bars and our waterproof strips–which all feature the same connector–to a power source. And a look at some of the connectors that work with our bars and waterproof strips.

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