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The website was phenomenal for understanding the tech and making a plan for under cabinet lighting, puck lights in cabinets, RGB strip lighting inset into wine racks and can lights throughout the kitchen and great room area.

The whole project shines, it’s gorgeous and works phenomenally well.  A couple of the puck lights did not work well and the guys at Elemental LED immediately sent new ones gratis trusting us to send the others back.  Their response time was excellent.  They were helpful, talked tech with my husband and had some good sales.

I am glad they are 45 minutes away so we could drive up and look at the different tones of white for the strip lighting…this was incredibly nice and made the task much more relaxing.  To be honest this was really fun!  If it was a little cheaper I’d go 5 stars, but these lights last a good long time.  They have sales.  And the support was excellent.  Our contractor learned to install them right along with my husband and the project, we soldered ours in and used the configurations, shapes and colors that were exactly what we wanted.

Thank you Elemental LED!!!

- Martha K.

Finding a solution for my Halloween costume was becoming a huge challenge this year.  I have no knowledge of lights, electrical wiring or anything that is related to that industry.  The only thing I knew is that my costume needed to have eyes made out lights that lid up.  I began to search the internet for a solution and a company that would be able to at least guide me.  It took me nearly two days of road blocks and talking to people that had absolutely no idea of what I was talking about.  Finally I found and contacted Elemental LED. I never would have imagined that with your help and knowledge my problem would be resolve in matters of minutes.

In my career I take pride in providing the best customer service to my clients; my motto is that it takes months to get a customer but seconds to lose them.  I was very impress with your service, patience and knowledge.  People in the street of Washington D.C. kept stopping me to take pictures! My Halloween was great and I even won first prize for my costume! Thank you for all your help Corey!  I am very grateful to you!

- Roy Molina

I just wanted to touch base and comment about your product. I had called near closing time on feb.19 about purchasing strip lights for a relative’s condo that I was to visit. I placed the order on feb.23 and received it on friday, a day and a half later. Opening the package all I can say is that I was in awe after I temporarily wired and powered one up to see how much light was displayed. The installation involved mounting seven lights, two on angle brackets in which I epoxied the bracket on, fishing two walls, mounting of the driver in a 6×6 box and using an existing lighting circuit off a recessed light. All installed in an attic with blown in insulation, five hours – done.

That was my fifth under cabinet light installation, and I have never found a system that has ever worked so easy or efficiently. I have had to fabricate 3/4 inch cans out of metal studs in order to conceal 110 volt wire and joints on three installations, one had no space for terminations. And then the cost or bulbs and heat given off were another issue. I cannot believe how easy this installed. I have been an electrician for twenty four years, and have seen a lot of fixtures that were a pain in the neck.

You truly have a fantastic product, unlike anything I have seen at any home store or product display shows that I attend regularly. Your product in these markets would greatly produce sales for your company. I am already making plans on changing the fixtures in my house and plan on contacting past customers to let them know about the latest technology. Thank you and I look forward to doing buisness with you in the near future.

- Jim Mohney

Just want you to know that we love your products! They are good quality, and good value. On our last order the clips were forgotten, and I called, and they were sent right out. You have great customer service too. Thanks!

Tami and Frank Casper

Thank you so much for the wonderful service. I had about 50 people at my house on Saturday and everyone asked about the lights that we had already installed two months ago. You’ll have to start paying me commission. ;)

Tifany Wunschl
Macomb, Michigan

I installed your “Brighter” flexible LED strip in a restaurant’s liquor display case that needed to be illuminated. The product was very effective. I used a dimmer and chose the warm-white color temperature.

The owners, patrons and staff have been impressed with the improvement in the appearance of the case.

Thank you all for your assistance and your dedication to satisfying me as a new customer. I would recommend you and your products to my customers in the future. I am most eager to learn about your new ideas and how your industry is developing.

George Slaver/Slaver Consulting

Lighting an exhibition case has always represented a challenge for museum design; many of the objects normally displayed in an exhibition gallery are extremely sensitive to high light level, UV emissions and temperature variations. However, recent improvements in LED light technology have greatly increased the range of solutions available to designers. Our new exhibition “The Conservator’s Art: Preserving Egypt’s Past” offered us an opportunity to experiment with LED application directly inside two cases. The LED lights we used were provided by Elemental LED and were mounted on a ½” strip with an adhesive backing that can be cut to any length. We found them particularly easy to install, with well designed connectors and hardware for power supply. The greatest advantage of this new system was the dimmer, which allowed us to evenly distribute the lighting throughout the case and maintain a comfortable light level. These new lights were tested for heat and UV emission, which were well within recommended safety levels.

Without Elemental LED’s support the Museum would not have been able to exhibit this group of highly sensitive and priceless Egyptian artifacts.

Penny Betts
Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology

Everything was great with my order!  The RGB quick connect really makes installation fast and easy.  I’m not going to miss soldering all those connections one bit!  In fact I just placed an order for 20 more connectors and will be purchasing more in the near future.  One question … I received a discount card with my order, but was unsure how to apply the 10% discount to the order I just places.  My order number is 1417 if you would be so kind as to apply it for me.

I did want to thank you for the under cabinet lighting.
Your service teams advise was spot on, product was shipped timely and was perfect for my application.
Everyone comments on the lighting. Elemental LED is highly recommended from my end as a company to do business with.

Love the lights!  They are dynamite as under cabinet lights.  The
installation was probably a little much for many folks as neither the
transformer or the lights came equipped with a plug connector for the other.
I cut off the end of an extension cord for the lights and used small screw
connectors and electrician’s tape to connect to the transformer wires, but
it would be a lot cleaner if it was a plug connector.

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