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Featured Project

Custom Steak House Very Warm White LED Light Installation

    The owners of the Isleta Steak House shared some behind-the-scenes photos of their LED tape light installation, including a look at how some of the LED lighting was installed. The LED tape light used was warm white FLUID VIEW™, which has a low, mellow light quality that is further enhanced by the almost Learn More

Mike’s Jammin’ Christmas Celebright LED Lights
| December 13th, 2012
Category: DIY Employee Projects, Holiday Projects

Michael Goodman, our IT Support and Training Specialist decorated a tree with Celebright LED Holiday Lights and hooked the lights up to the Apollo Jammer to create a dancing effect with the lights. He used some of each color: warm white, multi-color and blue. And even though these LEDs are not technically color-changing, it almost looks like they Learn More

James’ Fiber Optic Musical Tree

James Chau, one of our Account Managers, created a musical fiber optic Christmas tree using a red, green and blue Super Bright LED Module and the Apollo DMX Color Controller. The lights in the tree blink on and off corresponding to the notes of holiday music. His inspiration came from a client’s project. He was developing a rough prototype Learn More

Tara’s Winter Wonderland LED Music Box
| December 6th, 2012
Category: DIY Employee Projects, Holiday Projects

Tara, a Customer Service Rep, created another upcycled DIY project, this time using a square foam block from a coworker. Tara is always collecting materials waiting for inspiration to strike on how to reuse it to create a work of art. The foam block always reminded her of ice because of its color and she Learn More

Scott’s Holiday LED Candy Cane
| November 29th, 2012
Category: DIY Employee Projects, Holiday Projects

Scott, one of our Customer Service Reps, as you may know from his previous DIY project, is also a woodmaker.  Scott had some red High Density Flexible LED Strip Light left over from his Rubik’s Cube Lantern project that he wanted to reuse, and was also finishing up another shelf lighting project using neutral white High Density Flexible LED Strip Light. Learn More

LED Lit Upcycled Wine Rack
| November 8th, 2012
Category: DIY Employee Projects, Featured Project

Michael Goodman, our IT Support and Training Specialist, upcycled one of the wooden pallets from our warehouse and turned it into a glowing  vintage wine rack. Our warehouse is constantly receiving inventory that comes packaged in these wooden pallets. We have developed a system where anyone interested can pick up the extra pallets to sell Learn More

James’s DIY LED Lit Fish Bowl
| October 25th, 2012
Category: DIY Employee Projects, Featured Project

For his first LEDIY project, James Kindred, our Customer Service Supervisor wanted to keep it simple for all ages. He said he wanted to create something, “unique, functional, and inexpensive but something anyone could personalize.” The final outcome is a glowing fish bowl made of a glass vase and plant pot. James came up with Learn More

Tara’s Bulb Wall Sconce Illuminated with LED Lights
| October 18th, 2012
Category: DIY Employee Projects, Featured Project

Tara, one of our Customer Service Reps, created yet another upcycled DIY project. This time she was inspired to find a way to use old incandescent bulbs to diffuse LED lights – a play on old and new technology. Tara shares, “I find that beauty lies within the eye of the beholder and with a Learn More

Portable Interactive LED DJ Panels
| October 12th, 2012
Category: DIY Employee Projects, Featured Project

Inspired by the musical artist Pretty Lights, Brian Allen, Training Specialist here at Elemental LED constructed a lightweight and portable DJ lighting set up that interacts with the music being played. The set up is made of a series of 5 RGB LED panels that correspond with different beats to create an instant light show – Learn More

Brandon’s RGB LED Strip Disco Ball

One of our Commercial Account Managers, Brandon Neustadter, wanted something nice in his home to set the mood when guests are over for parties. Over the typical mirror ball, Brandon set own to make his own one-of-a-kind light show that shines beautiful pattens against the wall. After crafting his own hemp pendant through this tutorial, Learn More

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