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LED Art & Design

Why is CRI important?

When designing any space, color, texture, and finishes play a critical role in the process. Lighting is equally important. With high-CRI lighting, colors pop, textures stand out, and finishes have depth and luster. Think of lighting as the fourth element of good design, which turns colors and textures into a vibrant palette of finishes and Learn More

Highlighting Your Objects and Spaces with LED Modules

  LED module lights get a lot less press than LED tape and strip light, bulbs, and under cabinet lights, but their design and flexibility make them incredibly useful for certain projects. LED Modules have a compact form, so they can fit into tight, narrow spaces. They are often sold in multi-unit strands where all Learn More

Artist James Peterson on Sessilanoid and LED DIY for Newbies
| April 18th, 2013
Category: DIY LED, LED Art & Design, Recent Blog Posts

James Peterson doesn’t want you to just look at his art, he wants you to experience it.  “I want people to have a respite of intrigue and joy, to tap into their inner child, that sweet naïve place where it’s okay to be in awe and just enjoy something,” he says. Thanks in part to Learn More

Interior Designer Jamie Beckwith Discusses Her Stunning LED Wine Cellar
| March 25th, 2013
Category: LED Art & Design, Recent Blog Posts

Jamie Beckwith is known for her innovative contributions to interior design, specifically in the realm of wood surfaces. But recently, she brought her pioneering reputation underground by creating an eye-popping LED wine cellar that has the design world buzzing. Described by some as a “TRON cathedral,” the cellar has several special features: acrylic wine racks, Learn More

LED Retro Cassette Tables Look Like the Real Deal
| February 6th, 2013
Category: LED Art & Design, Recent Blog Posts

Just like the vinyl trend that has picked up steam amongst hipsters and audiophiles alike, you may have noticed that cassette tapes are making a comeback as well. Tayble, a Los Angeles-based design house comprised of three artist friends, has jumped on this trend by making tables that look like retro cassette tapes. According to Learn More

LED Lights Create Silver Lining in a Box
| January 21st, 2013
Category: LED Art & Design, Recent Blog Posts

Sometimes it’s hard to see the silver lining in a tough situation; we’ve all been there. So why not remind yourself or someone you love to turn that frown upside-down with a stunning and creative LED light fixture? “Silver Lining in a Box” is an LED home lighting concept from London-based design team Aether & Learn More

Polish Design House Breaks the Mold with Stunning LED Fixtures
| January 11th, 2013
Category: LED Art & Design, Recent Blog Posts

If industrial design is your thing, you’ll love these new LED light fixtures by Malgorzata and Sebasitan Szlabs for the Polish design studio Emandes. The tubular LED lights can attach to any number of pipe fittings, which can be hung on the wall or ceiling in customizable configurations. The result is lighting that blends in Learn More

New E-Bike Features Holograms, Folding Capabilities and LED Lights
| January 9th, 2013
Category: LED Art & Design, Recent Blog Posts

If you think electric cars are the next big thing in transportation, you might want to also consider electric bicycles. Besides being an even more responsible environmental choice, new advances in style and functioning are helping these two-wheeled wonders gain popularity every day. For instance, the nCycle, designed by Hussain Almossawi and Marin Myftiu boasts Learn More

Edible, Recyclable LED Lamps From Victor Vetterlein
| November 28th, 2012
Category: DIY LED, LED Art & Design, Recent Blog Posts

Victor Vetterlein is a New York based lighting, furniture and product designer whose inventive material choices and careful consideration of the meaning behind each piece makes his work stand out from the crowd. He’s recently come up with two LED lighting fixtures that are as interesting as they are functional. Both are made from mediums Learn More

RGB LEDs Make Recycled Art Shine at SF’s Green Fest
| November 20th, 2012
Category: Green News, LED Art & Design, Recent Blog Posts

Two weekends ago I took a trip up to San Francisco for Green Festival, the country’s premier event for businesses, communities and the environment. Green Festivals are held all over the country (the Los Angeles event was last weekend), but attending the one in San Francisco is kind of like seeing live jazz music in Learn More

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