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How Long Does An LED Light Bulb Last?
| November 18th, 2010
Category: Recent Blog Posts

How long does an LED light bulb last - 50,000 hoursLED light bulbs are touted for their low energy consumption, and their longevity solidifies them as a worthwhile investment.

LED light bulbs are known for their low energy consumption and capacity to significantly reduce your power bill. Their long performance life further ensures LED lights are a worthwhile investment. Just how long does an LED replacement light bulb last? While it can vary slightly depending on the bulb, on average LED light bulbs last over 50,000 hours. That would be almost six years if left on twenty-four hours, seven days a week. In terms of usage, if you leave your light on all day (16 hours), an LED replacement bulb would last 3,125 days or approximately 8.5 years. If you leave it on only during the evening (4 hours), an LED replacement bulb would last 35 years.

Comparatively speaking, both incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs last a mere fraction of that. LEDs last 50 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb and 10 times longer than a compact fluorescent. While LED replacement light bulbs seem more expensive than their incandescent and compact fluorescent counterparts, when you factor in the significantly lower energy consumption and reduced frequency of purchasing light bulbs, you recoup that initial investment soon.

3 Responses

  1. JC says:

    Since I expect the cost of LEDs to come down dramatically over the next couple years, I’m looking for the optimal time to buy. I may pay more for electricity using conventional bulbs now while I wait for LED to become affordable, but I expect that added cost would be more than offset by the reduction in LED bulb prices by the time I convert over. Anyone know of any good analyses/studies on the expected cost/benefit of waiting and for how long to wait?

  2. I just installed Earth Bulb’s 865 lumen LED light bulbs in my office. They consume only 15 watts of electricity. I’ve got to admit, the initial price of the bulb was a little disheartening ($35 each), but the light color is fantastic and when I use it in my office, documents are crystal clear. Very impressive.

  3. Warren says:

    It’s incredible when you think about it. If you put a lightbulb in your garagedoor opener and use it 30 minutes a day, that bulb could last up to 272 years. With moderate usage (2 hours per day) it could last up to 70 years. You will die before the light bulb will.

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