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How Is Our Food Being Flavored?
| November 29th, 2011
Category: Green News, Recent Blog Posts

In fact, there are flavor consulting companies that do their best to create flavors that are indeed addictive.  And did you know that when packaging indicates natural flavors, it just means that the flavor comes from nature and may not be related to the product you are buying.

I just watched a 60 min episode on this very subject.  Companies are being paid to create flavors we humans find enjoyable in hopes that we will buy the product again.  The main ingredients in these flavors happen to be sugar, salt and chemicals.  MMMm….. chemicals.

These flavors exist in almost every packaged good we buy from the grocery store.   Check out t his episode of 60 min to see the entire segment, but it is interesting.  Basically, because we are victims to our taste buds, these “Flavorists” are encouraging us to eat unhealthily and in fact, overeat.  How many of you think you over ate this Thanksgiving?

Imagine, we live in a world where people get paid to encourage the public to overeat unhealthy products…. And we like it!


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