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Get Creative with our Light Painting Photo Contest
| February 15th, 2012
Category: Company News, DIY LED, Recent Blog Posts

Photo By Eran Hakim

Here at Elemental LED, we are constantly inspired from the creativity of our customers as seen in our Projects section. So we thought a light painting photo contest would be the perfect way to showcase your creativity – in a different light. *wink* Wondering, “What is light painting?” – scroll down for instructions. Here’s how to participate & all that jazz:

How To Enter:

>> Submit your light painting photo with a caption on our Facebook Wall OR

>> Email your photo and caption to

>> All entries must be received by Saturday March 31, 2012 11:59PM PST

The Prizes up for Grabs:

1st Prize:

>> Celebright LED Holiday Lights Kit

>> 5 feet Warm White Strip Light Kit with adapter and dimmer

>> 9W Tess LED Light Bulb

>> Remote Control RGB LED Light Bulb

>>Elemental LED Swag Bag

2 Runner Up winners will also receive an Elemental LED Swag Bag. Goodies are TBD but we’re thinking a mix of a grocery tote bag, tin water bottle, lip balm, screw driver kit, and USB thumb drive.

The submissions will be narrowed down to the Top 10 by our Marketing department. Afterwards, all Elemental LED staff will vote for their Top Three choices. Photos will be judge for creativity, execution, and use of light.

The winners will be announced on Tuesday April 10 3:00PM PST on our LEDucation blog and our Facebook wall. Winners will be contacted via Facebook or email for a shipping address.

Rules & Restrictions

>> One photo submission per contestant

>> Only one prize is allotted per entry regardless of how many people participated in the creation of the entry

>> Only submissions from participants in U.S. & Canada qualify.

>> All photos will be published in an Elemental LED Facebook photo album regardless of way of entry

What is light painting?

Light painting is opening the shutter on your camera long enough to use a light source like a flashlight to draw in the darkness and effectively paint in midair or add interesting effects to things already in the picture. After you finish drawing with your light source, the shutter of your camera is closed and your picture is complete. This is a fun thing to do by yourself or with friends.

What will you need to light paint?

1. A Camera

A digital or film works as long as you are able to control the shutter speed. Shoot in manual mode with a low ISO like 100. This allows you to extend the shutter speed beyond what is normally used to take a picture in the daylight. You can set it to the number of seconds you need to finish drawing. Use the self timer mode to eliminate any camera shake when the shutter is open. It’s easier if one person is manning the camera guiding the drawer where to be in the frame. It helps if you put markers down on the floor to what your perimeter is to walk around and draw. If you are by yourself you’ll just have to press the button and run to the spot where you want to start drawing.

For more controlled results, set the shutter speed to Bulb. This allows the shutter be open for as long or as little as you want. Basically, when you touch the button it opens the shutter and when you touch it again it closes it. It is ideal to have a remote control for if you use the Bulb setting so there is no camera shake.

2. Tripod or anything to keep the camera steady

When you’re doing light painting it’s extremely important that your camera stays steady in one position. It’s best to use a tripod but you can use anything around you like a counter, table, stairs.

3. Light source

Anything that lights up works and the brighter the better. This includes flashlights, phone screens, sparklers, camera speedlights. Get creative – you can even put a piece of colored cellophane on top of your light source to mix it up.

4. Dark

Wait till it’s night outside or work in a dark room.

Have Fun & Experiment! Fun Things to try:

>> Outlining others or turning them into superheroes

>> Love notes

>> Tying a light to a rope to spin around

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Now go out and light paint the town!

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