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Three LED Lighting Ideas for Home Entertaining
| March 6th, 2013
Category: DIY LED, Recent Blog Posts

Getting into the mood for a party requires a few things: the right company, the right libations and the right lighting. The first two are pretty easy to come by, if you like your friends and they know to never show up to a party empty handed. The third is up to you as host, Learn More

Making Lighting Matter to Sustainability: UWO’s Sustainability Focus
| March 4th, 2013
Category: Green News, Recent Blog Posts

Many of us install LED lighting for its function and style. But another key benefit of making the LED switch is energy savings and carbon footprint reduction. To find out more about how lighting use impacts the overall sustainability of our nation, I talked to Stephanie Spehar, Sustainability Leadership Fellow at the University of Wisconsin, Learn More

Stunning Style: Lighting Tips from Celebrity Designer Erinn Valencich
| February 27th, 2013
Category: DIY LED, LED Tips and Installation, Recent Blog Posts

“Whenever I’m designing a space, I always keep lighting on the forefront of my mind. It makes such an impact on the room.” –Erinn Valencich When we think of “interior design,” sofas, coffee tables and vases tend to get top billing.  But any good home stylist knows that lighting is the glue that holds a Learn More

Why Lighting Matters: A Conversation with James Bedell
| February 22nd, 2013
Category: LED Tips and Installation, Recent Blog Posts

“Light isn’t purely about function. It’s about creating a space that feels inviting – a space that feels like home.” –James Bedell James Bedell is a New York based lighting designer whose work has spanned private residences, large events, corporate retail outlets (Abercrombie and Fitch, for example) and everything in between. His mission, both personal Learn More

Outdoor Path Lighting with Waterproof LED Strip Lights
| February 18th, 2013
Category: DIY LED, Recent Blog Posts

/i’m going to be moving soon and have already begun to think about new lighting projects I can create in my new space. One of the things I’m most excited about is some outdoor lighting for the front yard and garden area, so I started doing a little research to find some simple DIY LED Learn More

Make Your Own LED Messenger Bag
| February 15th, 2013
Category: DIY LED, Recent Blog Posts

Biking is great for the environment and your health—as long as you do it safely. There are a lot of illuminated bike safety products on the market, including this uber urban Halo Zero LED messenger bag. Just strap it on and you’ve got plenty of storage, not to mention peace of mind for nighttime bike Learn More

James Peterson Creates Stunning LED Wall Installation Sessilanoid
| February 13th, 2013
Category: DIY LED, Recent Blog Posts

Last Saturday I went to the opening of a solo exhibition for my friend James Peterson, an LA-based designer, builder and installation artist whose work I’ve blogged about here before. In 2012, The Los Angeles Convention Center unveiled Peterson’s interactive piece Hypoxia, which used motion sensors and LED lights to creatively raise awareness about the Learn More

LED PODS Create Miniature Worlds at Art Experiment
| February 11th, 2013
Category: DIY LED, Recent Blog Posts

The third annual “Art Experiment” at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow wrapped up last month on January 23rd. The event typically runs for three weeks, and focuses on art installations and workshops that allow visitors to interact with art in innovative and surprising ways. Besides experiencing and engaging with several commissioned works, viewers Learn More

River of LED Books Revitalizes the Power of Reading in Melbourne
| February 9th, 2013
Category: LED News, Recent Blog Posts

No digital medium can compare to holding a real book in your hands, turning its pages and inhaling its dusty scent, not to mention the nostalgic sense of finality that comes with closing it once you’ve finished reading. Spanish art group Luzinterruptus wanted to remind viewers of the visceral, irreplaceable power of books, with a Learn More

100,000 Floating LED Lights Illuminate Tokyo’s Sumida River
| February 8th, 2013
Category: LED News, Recent Blog Posts

Fireflies are basically nature’s LED lights: they’re cute, bright, efficient, and they can go anywhere. Not surprisingly, these ingenious, self-illuminating insects have been linked to LED lighting technology in ways with real-life impact, from creating more affordable LED lights, to unlocking the mysteries of firefly mating practices. It’s only fitting then, that the primary art Learn More

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